This RINO used one word to describe Donald Trump that will leave your jaw on the ground

Some Republicans smell blood in the water around Donald Trump. They think it’s their turn to swoop in and steal the 2024 nomination.

And now this fake conservative RINO used one word to describe Trump that will leave your jaw on the ground.

For more than a year, political experts and GOP hacks have predicted a “red wave” or “red tsunami” that will sweep the GOP to power.

While Republicans barely retook the House, they fared poorly in the Senate, where Democrats retained control.

And, following the failure of a large red wave to materialize, the same pundits who predicted the wave in the first place are now attempting to assign blame.

As a result, they are understandably blaming Donald Trump.

Some, such as former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, believe Trump is “toxic.”

But none of these RINO pundits will accept that they were the ones who incorrectly projected a large red wave, and they are just as much to responsible as anyone else.

In fact, they absolutely missed the mark when it came to predicting a red tidal wave.

It was never going to happen in the first place.

While Christie and others may be correct that Trump is unpopular with specific groups, such as suburban women, the GOP establishment has a poor track record of victory (see Liz Cheney).

The plain fact is that having candidates who run on and fight for conservative ideals is the best-case scenario for Republicans.

And to have party leadership that isn’t continuously betraying the party’s base and the Constitution for petty political “gains.”

This was evident in Florida this year, as Governor Ron DeSantis and his allies successfully formed winning alliances based on issues and conservative beliefs.

In fact, a glance of Trump’s presidency reveals a successful one.

He kept more commitments to his followers and all voters than many Republican candidates could or would want to.

Donald Trump demonstrated that causes and principles are important.

At the same time, most commentators agree that it’s time to move on since Trump’s brand may be too tarnished for him to continue as the party’s leader.

If such is the case, who will carry the banner of the winning Republican coalitions?

Chris Christie seemed to believe it should be him.

That’s why he’s started making the rounds on chat shows.

The former governor recently appeared on ABC’s This Week and claimed that former President Donald Trump is the reason Democrats continue to win, not Republicans.

Christie said, “Bad candidates lose. Good candidates have a chance to win. And Herschel Walker was not a good candidate. And, you know, he wasn’t a good candidate because of a whole variety of issues that we saw that came out during the campaign.”

Christie added, “And on the Donald Trump side, I mean, you know, we all remember, in 2016, he said, if he got elected, there was going to be so much winning and winning and winning and winning, they’d get sick of winning. None of us knew at the time he was actually talking about the Democrats were going to do all that winning, not the Republicans. And that’s what he’s wrought. And Herschel Walker is his creation. And so he’s got to own the fact that Herschel Walker so vastly underperformed in a state as — as we saw earlier, every other Republican running statewide won, except for Herschel Walker. You know what that tells you? Bad candidate.”

While many feel Christie is criticizing his former ally in order to position himself as the GOP’s “heir apparent,” the reality is that he would be a disaster for the party.

If not Trump, the best option for a GOP flag bearer is someone like Ron DeSantis, Rand Paul, or Kristi Noem.

In other words, someone who has demonstrated the ability to stand on principle and fight for it when it matters most.

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