Alarming border report sends Washington, D.C. into total chaos

The situation at the southern border is getting worse by the day. And the government’s inaction has people infuriated.

But now, an alarming border report sends Washington, D.C. into total chaos.

As the southern border crisis spirals ever out of control, a familiar refrain echoed through Monday’s White House press briefing: legislative inaction.

When pressed on President Biden’s failure to utilize executive authority to curb the unprecedented flow of illegal immigration, National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby offered nothing but promises of future action, contingent on Congressional approval.

This, however, rings hollow for millions of Americans witnessing the daily erosion of national security and the systematic unraveling of border communities.

NPR’s Franco Ordonez rightfully challenged Kirby’s feeble excuse, “Why wait until Congress?”

The answer, it seems, lies in a game of political brinkmanship.

Biden, who wielded executive authority with surgical precision upon entering office to dismantle his predecessor’s border policies, now holds executive action hostage, demanding an extortionate ransom of additional funding and legislative green light before taking even the most basic steps to stem the tide.

Fox News’ Jacqui Heinrich aptly clarified, “Are you suggesting… that the President is withholding executive action on the border until he gets the money?”

Kirby’s mealy-mouthed response, “No, I’m not suggesting that,” only confirmed the suspicion.

This cynical ploy is a slap in the face to American citizens burdened by the consequences of Biden’s failed policies.

Bill Melugin’s stark reminder, “The same authority Biden used to reverse almost every Trump policy at the border” can be used to address the crisis, exposes the sheer hypocrisy.

Why are executive levers readily deployed to appease one agenda, yet rendered impotent when faced with the self-inflicted disaster at the southern border?

The answer is obvious: political expediency trumps national security.

The statistics paint a grim picture.

In 2023, Border Patrol apprehended over 2.4 million illegal immigrants, a figure steadily climbing from 1.7 million in 2021. December alone saw a record-breaking 302,000 encounters, with countless others slipping through undetected. These numbers represent more than just statistics; they represent lives thrown into disarray, communities overwhelmed, and national security compromised.

While Kirby boasts of 16 executive orders related to immigration, they amount to empty pronouncements devoid of meaningful action.

The administration’s “catch and release” policy incentivizes further illegal crossings while dismantling successful programs like “Remain in Mexico” creates a vacuum for exploitation by cartels and trafficking rings.

This is not a matter of partisanship; it’s a matter of national responsibility.

The Biden administration’s refusal to act decisively, its hostage-taking of executive authority, and its utter disregard for the human cost of its chaotic policies are an abdication of duty.

Americans deserve decisive leadership, not political gamesmanship. The border crisis demands immediate action, not empty promises and legislative quid pro quos.

Let us hope that the pressure of public scrutiny and the mounting human cost will finally compel the Biden administration to do its job and secure our borders, before the fabric of our nation unravels further.

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