This Democrat assault on Americans is going as far as to steal children

The Radical Left hates America and they hate Americans. But now, what they are doing is horrifying.

And this Democrat assault on Americans is going as far as to steal children.

A Montana family is waging war against a “woke” state apparatus that ripped their 14-year-old daughter from their arms and shipped her north to Canada, all because they dared to stand up for their parental rights and refuse to rubber-stamp a radical gender transition agenda.

Krista and Todd Kolstad, the embattled parents, paint a chilling picture of a Kafkaesque nightmare orchestrated by Child and Family Services (CFS) and fueled by medical institutions pushing a dangerous ideology onto vulnerable children.

Their daughter, Jennifer, became the pawn in a game where parental authority was sacrificed at the altar of political correctness.

The ordeal began in August 2023 when Jennifer, then 13, was hospitalized after a school falsely claimed she tried to harm herself.

Toxicology reports proved the allegation a malicious lie, but that didn’t stop medical professionals from treating Jennifer like a transgender patient in waiting, bombarding her with information on “gender-affirming” surgery, including irreversible double mastectomy procedures.

Worse, despite the Kolstads’ clear objections, CFS intervened, sending Jennifer to a gender transition haven in Wyoming – a state notorious for its lax parental consent laws for such controversial medical interventions.

This maneuver reeked of deliberate circumvention of Montana’s more protective regulations, raising serious concerns about CFS’s allegiance to ideological agendas over parental rights.

Not surprisingly, the Kolstads refused to become cogs in this gender-bending machine.

Their principled stand cost them dearly.

In January, a judge, seemingly beholden to the same “woke” forces, ripped Jennifer from their arms and handed her over to CFS, citing the Kolstads’ refusal to endorse their daughter’s transition as the main reason.

This draconian decree was further weaponized by a contempt of court charge against the Kolstads for daring to speak out against this injustice.

Jennifer now languishes in Canada, placed with her biological mother, a woman with a strained relationship and, according to the Kolstads, a history of troubling behavior.

This final twist adds another layer of cruelty to an already agonizing ordeal.

The Kolstads’ story is a chilling harbinger of things to come, a stark warning to any parent who dares to challenge the “woke” medical and legal establishment’s increasingly coercive push to redefine childhood and parental authority.

Their fight is not just for Jennifer; it’s a battle cry for countless families facing similar threats across the nation.

As the Kolstads raise funds to navigate this legal labyrinth and reunite with their daughter, their case demands a national spotlight.

It’s time to hold accountable those who prioritize political agendas over the sacred bond between parent and child.

Jennifer’s stolen childhood serves as a stark reminder: if this can happen in Montana, nowhere is truly safe.

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