Alarming video gets released of Biden, and the White House is completely freaking out

The Radical Left has been covering for Biden’s crimes, failures, and more for years. But now, they won’t be able to hide this truth.

Because an alarming video got released of Biden, and the White House is completely freaking out.

The legacy media’s narrative regarding President Joe Biden’s mental acuity and fitness for office is clear: trust their reassurances over your own observations.

This narrative has become increasingly aggressive, especially since the White House introduced the term “cheap fakes” to discredit videos portraying Biden in an unflattering light, labeling them as deceptively edited or taken out of context without substantial evidence.

Tom S. Elliott, founder of Grabien Media, released a supercut over the weekend juxtaposing video footage of Biden with audio from his most ardent media defenders.

This striking contrast highlights the dissonance between the media’s portrayal and Biden’s apparent cognitive struggles.

The supercut opens with MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough declaring, “Start your tape right now, because I’m about to tell you the truth, and f-you if you can’t handle the truth.”

The footage then cuts to Biden looking lost during the D-Day 80th anniversary events, while Scarborough insists, “This version of Biden is the best Biden ever. In fact, I think he’s better than he’s ever been.”

The supercut continues with clips of Biden appearing disoriented at various public events. For instance, during the G-7 meetings, Biden is seen wandering away from other world leaders, only to be guided back by Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.

Despite such instances, Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) claims, “President Biden has a photographic memory. His understanding and mastery of a complicated geopolitical situation. Remarkable.”

As the video plays on, CNN’s Anderson Cooper describes Biden as “intense,” while David Axelrod asserts that he is “sharp in meetings.”

This stark contrast between Biden’s visible behavior and the media’s verbal defense raises questions about the authenticity of their claims.

Several media personalities attribute criticism of Biden’s mental state to “ageism,” dismissing legitimate concerns about his cognitive health.

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) goes as far as to assert, “He’s showed exactly how with it he is,” even as clips of Biden struggling to maintain composure and coherence continue to play.

The media’s steadfast narrative seems increasingly detached from the reality observed by the public.

Public concern over Biden’s mental acuity is not unfounded. Incidents where he appears confused or disoriented are not isolated.

For instance, during a recent public appearance, Biden seemed unsure of his surroundings and required assistance to navigate back to his place.

Such moments have become more frequent, intensifying the scrutiny of his cognitive abilities.

Critics argue that the media’s unwavering defense and the White House’s dismissal of critical footage as “cheap fakes” undermine transparency and accountability.

Instead of addressing these concerns head-on, the administration and its media allies appear to be deflecting and minimizing them, further eroding public trust.

The implications of Biden’s perceived cognitive decline extend beyond his personal fitness for office.

As the leader of the free world, his ability to effectively govern and represent the United States on the global stage is paramount.

Allies and adversaries alike closely monitor his performance, and any signs of weakness could have significant geopolitical ramifications. Domestically, Biden’s mental acuity is likely to be a focal point in the upcoming election.

The legacy media’s attempts to shield President Biden from scrutiny regarding his mental fitness have created a troubling disconnect between their narrative and observable reality.

Tom S. Elliott’s supercut underscores this disparity, highlighting the media’s role in perpetuating a potentially misleading portrayal of Biden’s cognitive health.

The American public deserves a leader who is not only fit for office but also forthright about their capabilities.

As the 2024 election approaches, the debate over Biden’s mental fitness is poised to become a central issue, with significant implications for the future of American leadership.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.


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26 days ago

Because our msm is as out of it as bidum is.
Do they think people are that stupid?
We all see through their lies, their conspiracies, their resident in chief.
I cannot wait to see them all defeated, in more ways than one.
Their absolute cluelessness is going to bite them right in the a$$.
Maybe someday we will have a media that tells the truth and shows some real journalism.
They all need to go down along with their buddies in the Demonic dem party.
They better watch closely…the truth is coming, very soon.

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