Biden administration’s illegal voting scheme has the entire nation terrified

For quite some time, Americans have been concerned regarding the integrity of our elections. But now, concrete proof of a dangerous plan has been brought to light.

And the Biden administration’s illegal voting scheme has the entire nation terrified.

The troubling issue of non-citizens receiving voter registration forms through welfare agencies is a glaring loophole in the American electoral system that threatens the integrity of our democracy.

With the exception of Arizona, all states allow applicants for welfare benefits or driver’s licenses to receive voter registration forms without requiring proof of citizenship.

This alarming situation stems from the National Voter Registration Act of 1993, which mandates that states register voters at public benefit agencies and Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) offices.

Under current law, there is no requirement to provide proof of citizenship on voter registration forms, despite it being illegal for non-citizens to claim citizenship to vote in federal elections.

This oversight has allowed millions of immigrants, both legal and illegal, to access voter registration forms, raising serious concerns about the potential for illegal voting.

The National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) of 1993 was designed to increase voter participation by making it easier to register to vote.

It required states to offer voter registration opportunities at various public offices, including those where individuals apply for welfare benefits.

Public offices are required to hand over voter registration forms to anyone who submits an application for certain welfare benefits.

If an applicant claims to be a U.S. citizen, they can obtain a voter registration form and subsequently vote without providing proof of citizenship.

In response to this glaring issue, GOP members in the House Administration Committee have approved the Safeguard American Voter Eligibility (SAVE) Act.

This legislation aims to ensure that states receive proof of citizenship when anyone registers to vote by mail or at a DMV office. The SAVE Act is a crucial step toward protecting the integrity of our electoral system and preventing illegal voting.

Prominent Republican figures have voiced their concerns over this issue:

Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) told the New York Post, “While Biden and radical progressive Democrats give ISIS and criminals an app to literally schedule their illegal entry, Republicans must fight any chance of illegal voter registration until we can mass deport.” Roy’s strong words reflect the urgency felt by many within the GOP to address this issue.

House Speaker Mike Johnson also expressed his support for the SAVE Act, stating, “As President Biden has welcomed millions of illegal aliens through our borders, including sophisticated criminal syndicates and foreign adversaries, it is incumbent upon Congress to implement greater enforcement measures that secure the voter registration process and ensure only American citizens decide the outcome of American elections.”

Johnson’s statement highlights the broader concern within the Republican Party about the potential impact of illegal voting on the nation’s electoral integrity.

Ryan Walker, executive vice president at the Heritage Foundation’s sister group, Heritage Action, emphasized the importance of addressing this issue.

He told the Post, “It is undeniable that the current structure makes it possible for illegal immigrants and non-citizens to vote — and the American people have no way of knowing how widespread the problem may be.”

Walker’s comments underscore the necessity of the SAVE Act in restoring confidence in the electoral process.

He added, “The SAVE Act puts all of these issues to rest and gives Americans confidence that our elections are decided on a more even playing field.”

The report from the New York Post reveals that hundreds of non-citizens have been caught attempting to register to vote in federal elections and casting ballots in various political races.

Hans von Spakovsky, a former member of the Federal Election Commission, testified before Congress on May 23, providing numerous examples of non-citizens attempting to vote illegally.

Von Spakovsky’s testimony reinforces the reality of the problem, dispelling any notion that it is merely an imaginary issue.

The revelation that non-citizens are receiving voter registration forms through welfare agencies is a serious threat to the integrity of the American electoral system.

The SAVE Act is a necessary measure to ensure that only American citizens can register to vote, thereby preserving the sanctity of our elections.

Republicans in Congress are right to pursue greater enforcement measures to secure the voter registration process, and it is imperative that this issue is addressed promptly to prevent further erosion of public trust in our democratic institutions.

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