Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez freaked out when this journalist went off script

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her Leftist pals want to transform America into their socialist utopia. She never thought the media would double cross her.

And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez freaked out when this journalist went off script.

One of the key problems the nation is currently facing during Joe Biden’s unsuccessful Presidency is the rising cost of gas.

Gas prices doubled and skyrocketed to record highs after Biden declared war on American energy.

While motorists are suffering at the pump, the Biden administration is promoting green energy as a fix for the issue they caused.

Government representatives boasted that the “great transition” to green energy will be aided by high gas costs.

Marc Thiessen, a columnist for the Washington Post, is one of the few journalists who speaks truth to power in the corporate-run media.

Thiessen disclosed Democrats’ “dirty little secret” of desiring high gas costs to wean the nation off fossil fuels during an appearance on Fox News.

“When gas prices were going up, he [President Biden] blamed Vladimir Putin, and when gas prices were going down, he took credit,” Thiessen remarked. “As we just saw, gas prices are going up again and guess what – out comes Vladimir Putin again.”

When it comes to gas costs, Biden tries to play both sides of the fence by taking all the credit when they go down and blaming everyone and everything when they go up.

Thiessen said, “If you want to take credit when gas prices are falling, then you have to take the blame when gas prices are going up,”

“The dirty little secret is that Democrats really want high gas prices,” Thiessen went on. “They don’t want the political blowback from high gas prices, but it’s part of their strategy to get us to give up fossil fuels, just like the government raised the price of cigarettes to get us to stop smoking.”

Energy Secretary under former President Barack Obama, Steven Chu, revealed the Democrats’ strategies.

“Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe,” Chu stated.

In most of Europe, a gallon of gasoline costs close to $10.

“You had Pete Buttigieg who was on Cavuto today, and he said we are taking all these temporary measures to grow, we’re encouraging Venezuela and Russia and all these other people like Saudi Arabia to increase it, but if they really cared about long-term, keeping gas prices down, they would be unleashing everything,” Thiessen said.

Joe Biden asserts that he is doing everything in his ability to bring down gas costs, but he won’t stop putting pressure on the oil industry.

He is imploring antagonistic foreign nations to enhance oil output in an effort to preserve his skin.

“Instead, the lowest number of acres opened up to federal gas and oil — federal lands opened for gas and oil exploration since World War II — that’s their real policy,” Thiessen noted.

The Democratic Party has covertly endorsed Alexandria Ocasio-Green Cortez’s New Deal ideas.

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