Kamala Harris is under fire for making her latest tone-deaf move

Harris has to be one of the most unlikeable politicians in the country. Her grating voice and terrible ideas haven’t helped her in the least.

And now Kamala is under fire for taking her latest tone-deaf move.

There aren’t many practical duties associated with the vice president’s position.

One of the few tasks that Vice President Kamala Harris was given by President Joe Biden, she managed to thoroughly fumble.

By designating Harris as the government’s “border czar,” Biden made her his “point person” on the border.

The nation is currently experiencing the worst border crisis in its history, all under Vice President Harris’ watch.

Illegal immigrants and hazardous substances like fentanyl are flooding across the wide-open southern border in biblical proportions.

Harris has been stumbling around looking for the alleged “root causes” of illegal immigration in Central America while the border issue escalates out of control.

Harris hasn’t even ventured to the border in his capacity as “border czar,” instead making one trip to El Paso, Texas.

Vice President Harris stated in an interview that “the border is secure,” despite the visible disarray at the border.

Harris is currently traveling to Texas, the epicenter of the border problem, yet she is once again passing up an opportunity to perform her job and actually go to the border.

In advance of the midterm elections in November, Kamala Harris is the featured speaker at a significant Democratic fundraising event in Austin, Texas.

She will meet with pro-abortion advocates in Austin while attending the Johnson-Jordan Reception for the Texas Democrat Party, which is asking for contributions between $250 and $10,000.

The New York Post was informed by a Texas Democrat source that they were unaware of any plans to travel to the border.

Rep. Tony Gonzalez (R-TX), whose district includes a significant portion of the border between the United States and Mexico, criticized the Vice President for visiting Texas but skipping the border.

Vice President Harris is scheduled to visit Texas in a few days, but before she must raise money in Austin, according to Rep. Gonzales.

The mayhem brought on by the influx of thousands of illegal immigrants into Texas each day is overwhelming his district.

“I don’t understand why the Vice President just won’t take an hour plane ride to the border and just listen, talk to people, just show up and say, ‘Hey, we are here to help.’ Just say, ‘The administration hasn’t abandoned you’ … something!” Gonzalez quipped.

While Kamala Harris may travel to Texas to collect money for Democrats, she is not even interested in carrying out her duties as the “border czar.”

Outside Kamala Harris’ residence at the official Vice Presidential residence in Washington, D.C., Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott was transporting illegal immigrants.

Harris is absent from her duties as the “border czar” despite having the problem at the border brought to her attention.

“The only place ‘Border Czar’ VP Kamala Harris should be visiting in Texas is the disaster area formerly known as the US-Mexico border,” Rep. August Pfluger (R-TX) said. “It is unbelievable that this administration has the gall to face the people of Texas who they have abandoned and ask for money.”

The Biden border crisis was handled poorly by Kamala Harris, making her the least popular vice president in the previous 50 years.

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