All hell broke loose when Biden shared this sinister plan with the press

The current White House administration is one of the most radical admins ever in U.S. history. And it keeps getting worse.

Now all hell’s broken loose after Biden shared this sinister plan with the press.

The Democrat Party today is by far the most radical and extreme mainstream Party in the history of American politics.

Their extremely far-left beliefs like open borders and giving children sex-change surgeries are not only commonly held within the Democrat Party, they are enshrined.

Probably the most grotesque position of the Democrat Party today is abortion-on-demand during all nine months of a pregnancy.

And just like everything else, there’s no debating that and there’s no room for Democrats who want any restrictions on abortion.

That much was proven to be true when every single Democrat running for President in 2020 made it clear that all of them supported zero restrictions on abortion.

And just about all of them supported codifying Roe v. Wade into law and repealing the Hyde Amendment, which prevents federal taxpayer dollars from being used for abortions.

So when the Supreme Court ruled on the Dobbs case and effectively overturned Roe v. Wade, the Left had a complete meltdown not seen since Trump beat Hillary in 2016.

The Biden administration, of course, has been desperate to pander to their radical base and paint the Dobbs ruling as unconstitutional.

Recently, the White House had a meeting to discuss abortion on college campuses. And that’s when they let the devil slip about their corrupt plans for college campuses.

Biden’s Education Secretary Miguel Cardona claimed that students need abortions to succeed “in school and in life.”

Biden himself also claimed that the Dobbs ruling sowed “fear and confusion” on college campuses.

And at the end of the press conference, when reporters were trying to ask questions of the President and being shuffled out of the room, Biden grinned saying we are “among the only press in the world that does this.”

This press conference has so much insanity, it’s hard to digest.

How on earth could anyone claim that students absolutely need abortion to be able to succeed in life and in school?

Academics have nothing to do with that. Abortion only makes it possible so female students who get pregnant and the men who get them pregnant don’t have to take responsibility for their actions.

Abortion has always been about shirking responsibility.

As for Biden’s claim that the Dobbs case is unconstitutional and sowed “fear and confusion” on campuses – nothing could be further from the truth.

Roe v. Wade was the unconstitutional ruling. Dobbs corrected that horrendous decision from the 1970s.

And just because college students who have no idea what they are talking about are irrationally scared that we are “literally going to live in a Handmaid’s Tale” society soon, truly doesn’t matter and it doesn’t change the validity of the Dobbs case.

Hopefully, Biden is made a one-term President and these plans to shake the law to bring “abortion access” to students on campus are blown up.

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