AOC gets embarrassed on national TV live in this shocking way

The congresswoman AOC is not known for knowing what she is talking about, or for speaking well. However, most of the time her allies and friends ignore her blatant lies to take her side.

But now, AOC has gotten utterly embarrassed on national TV live in this shocking way.

You know your lies and misinformation spreading must be really bad when even CNN anchors correct you.

Well, that is exactly what finally happened to AOC; her lies and false narratives have finally caught up to her, and she is being demolished on live TV.

During the situation in the Middle East, AOC has not been as pro-terrorism as some of her colleagues, however, she certainly has been trying to play both sides.

During a recent interview with CNN’s Abby Phillip, AOC was absolutely humiliated and her entire argument was ripped to shreds.

Phillip pushed back against AOC’s call for a ceasefire and managed to dismantle all of AOC’s arguments throughout the entire interview process.

What is left is three minutes of AOC trying to defend herself, and it fails miserably.

AOC also made false claims that Israel was using white phosphorous, which is not true, and she claimed that there were “sieges” around Gaza which was also a lie.

Throughout the entire interview, Philip confronts AOC for her unwillingness to take a stance and also directly gives AOC chances to take back her “ceasefire” statement.

The issue is that AOC weaves, ducks, and turns while offering weak justifications for Israel to refrain from acting, which will only help terrorists.

The far left uses this as an excuse to justify their pro-Hamas commentary because the essence of the problem isn’t complicated:

Israel came under attack. They have the right to retaliate in order to eradicate this terrorist organization from their borders after more than 1,200 men, women, and children were murdered.

AOC highlights the disgraces of the Democrat party and their inability to side against terrorism because it might upset their voting base.

One thing that readers should keep in mind: Hamas is a militant, Islamist, terror group.

And funnily enough, the supporters and pro-Hamas protestors across the world almost all are pink-haired transgender and LGBT individuals whom Hamas would gladly murder as deplorables.

Hamas is a terrorist group and the Radical left should stop trying so hard to defend them.

The Radical Left is a disgusting disgrace to humanity and morality and their inability to condemn horrific terror attacks is telling.

AOC seems to not understand the situation in the Middle East and she has no business serving as a representative in America.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics as we continue bringing you the TRUTH while the Left continues lying to you.

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