Appalling Democrat policies backfire with this brutal attack

Democrat policies have been burning America down for a while now. But the most recent incident is beyond horrible.

And their appalling policies have backfired with this brutal attack.

Wisconsin and more specifically the state capitol Madison are extremely Democratic and liberal.

In 2020, the city experienced BLM riots and protests, and calls for defunding of the police.

Following the push from the public, the city of Madison slashed funding to the police by around $2 million.

Police leaders were forced to look for funding in other areas such as federal grants and other programs.

However, none of this was enough, and the patrols and police presence have slowed majorly since the department was defunded in 2020.

All of this led up to a tragic assault of a young woman after the UW-Madison football team won their home opener in the city.

The reports say that a young woman was walking around 3:20 A.M. when she was horrifically beaten, strangled, and sexually assaulted.

A friend of the victim told reporters that she had a broken jaw, had been strangled, severely beaten, and assaulted.

A neighbor had said that the victim was abducted and dragged off the sidewalk and between two houses.

The assistant chief of police said that “This investigation is in its preliminary stages right now,” and that they “have called in numerous Madison Police personnel on this holiday weekend to conduct a thorough and complete investigation.”

Police are now warning people not to be out alone after dark and saying that it is unsafe to walk alone.

Anyone who has to go out alone is encouraged to notify friends or family of their “departures and arrivals.”

Because of the defunding of police, the city is now living in fear and crime is skyrocketing.

In cities and states all across the nation, the “defunding” of the police has done nothing but harm.

More and more innocent people are harmed, and now criminals are getting away with terrible crimes.

Because of the funding being slashed specifically in Madison, police patrols and presence are limited, and unfortunately, these tragic attacks seem to be becoming more and more common.

People need to wake up and realize that the solution to crime is not to make it easier for criminals.

We need a strong police presence that can protect and defend citizens.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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