Biden accepts massive bribe that has people stunned and the proof is unreal

Joe Biden, his family, and his entire administration are all extremely corrupt. But no one expected a move this bold.

And Biden has accepted a massive bribe and people are shocked and disgusted

Following a donation of little over $113,000 by Dish Network founder Charlie Ergen and his spouse to the Biden-Harris reelection campaign, the Department of Justice (DOJ) under President Joe Biden moved to dismiss a $3.3 billion fraud lawsuit against the company.

Not too long later, the Biden administration also gave the firm $50 million.

The DOJ moved just a few months after the founder gave the money to the Biden campaign, according to a New York Post report.

Ergen, a former professional poker player, assisted in founding the business in 1980 and has spent years fending against the federal fraud accusation.

Not long after the December campaign payment, Dish also managed to secure a $50 million grant to increase its nationwide 5G coverage.

The corporation referred to it as the “largest award” of its kind, and the CHIPS and Science Act made it possible.

Bennett Ross, the main attorney in the fraud case, claims that two days after the $50 million award to Dish, DOJ lawyers intervened to halt the $3.3 billion lawsuit against Dish.

Ross is the attorney for Vermont Telephone, the organization that filed the $3.3 billion fraud lawsuit against EchoStar-owned Dish.

According to the attorney, the DOJ lawyers “tried to bully” Vermont Telephone “into an unethical settlement” by attempting to have the case dismissed.

In a letter dated February 8, Ross said, “[I]t seems that the effect — if not the purpose — of the DOJ’s rush to seek dismissal of this case is to protect Mr. Ergen from being questioned under oath.”

“We don’t think it’s a coincidence that between 2008 and 2022, DISH’s Political Action Committee, Mr. Ergen, and his wife—who is also expected to be removed next week—collectively contributed more than $5 million to Democratic candidates and causes.”

“This case appears to be the latest example of the DOJ’s two-tiered justice system, where the wealthy and politically connected are treated one way, while everyone else is treated differently,” Ross continued in the letter, referencing the impending election.

Senior DC US District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly filed a motion to formally dismiss the lawsuit on March 8; the motion is currently ongoing.

During 2022 and 2023, the DOJ’s Civil Division opposed the lawsuit being dismissed, according to documents reviewed by the Post in court.

The two businesses’ disagreement started in 2015 when Dish acquired $13.3 billion in bids for cellular licenses.

The Federal Communications Commission held an auction where these bids were placed with the intention of assisting “very small businesses.”

With the assistance of wealth management giant BlackRock, Dish acquired 702 of the 1,600 cellular licenses available.

This made it possible for Dish to bid on $3.3 billion worth of licenses, or “spectrum,” in the Boston, New York, and Chicago regions before the business had even started providing cell phone service.

According to Ross, “the Defendants short-changed the government $3.3 billion, an amount that is still outstanding today.”

Additionally, they tampered with the FCC auction process, ruined a program meant to help legitimate small businesses, and prevented the public from benefiting from the deployment of wireless spectrum. It is necessary to hold the Defendants responsible.

Ergen is “very close to the White House” and frequently brags about his affiliation there, according to several people who are aware with the founder’s ties with the Biden administration and shared with the Post.

In response to the story, EchoStar executive vice president of external and government affairs Jeff Blum told the source that the “fraud claim has always been frivolous, and the DOJ was absolutely justified in moving to dismiss it.”

EchoStar is the corporation that owns Dish.

This is merely the most recent incident in a string of similar issues that expose the Biden family as massive frauds.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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