Horrific new immigration findings have exposed grave threat to the nation

The crisis at the US border is one that is affecting the lives of millions. And the Left refuses to do anything about it.

But now, horrific new immigration findings have exposed a grave threat to the nation.

It is no secret that the Radical Left hates America and American citizens. This much has been made increasingly clear over the past few years during the crisis at the US border.

But no one was prepared for the amount of damage the US would suffer, and they certainly were not prepared for the grave threat that our nation faces.

Since Joe Biden’s devastating open border policies, the US has been flooded with all sorts of violent and illegal criminals, and because of already light on punishment Liberal policies, as well as refusal to deport, the lives of Americans are in danger.

As the whole world saw a few weeks ago after the tragic death of Laken Riley, no American is truly safe from this madness.

And even more scary is the massive influx of known terrorists crossing the border as well as those who are making grave threats against the nation and its citizens.

But most recently, there was a massive attack at the border in which hundreds of illegal immigrants ripped down barriers and stormed across the border to trample National Guards members.

And now, reporter Jennie Taer of the New York Post claims that the illegal aliens who stormed National Guard troops at the border on Thursday may have been allowed back into the country.

When Taer appeared on Fox News, Dana Perino questioned her about if any of these people had managed to enter the country’s interior.

Taer verified that the Border Patrol processed a large number of these undocumented aliens under Title 8, a procedure popularly referred to as “catch and release.”

Taer said, “This sends the message to people around the world that even if you act like this, you can probably get into the country.”

She added, “They continue to push these boundaries and to see what they can get away with.”

In El Paso, Texas, last Thursday, a group of undocumented immigrants broke through razor wire and stormed the border.

The group, which was primarily composed of adult males, was seen on camera destroying razor wire and acting hostilely toward National Guardsmen.

There were about 300 people in the group, approximately 100 of them were men, and they charged at the military.

At the time, there was only one person detained for assault.

A US Border Patrol spokesperson said, “There are consequences to crossing the border illegally, and CBP continues to enforce United States immigration laws. Individuals and families without a legal basis to remain in the U.S. are subject to removal, and are subject to a minimum five-year bar on reapplying for admission and potential criminal prosecution if they subsequently re-enter without authorization.”

Following the incident Texas Governor Abbott informed the public that the Texas Department of Public Safety has been ordered to arrest “every illegal immigrant involved for criminal trespass and destruction of property.”

The incident occurred after the fiscal year 2023 when there were over 2.4 million recorded apprehensions along the southern border.

Alejandro Mayorkas, the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, has persisted in telling the public that the situation at the border is not dire despite these concerning figures.

Once again, we see proof of the Radical Left’s hatred for America, and we see their desire for destruction and harm.

We cannot allow this madness and damage to continue any longer.

We must protect this great nation.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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