Biden admin caught making a shocking move that has Americans completely outraged

The Biden family might be the most corrupt political family this nation has ever seen. And they continue to shock the world with their horrible decisions.

But now, the Biden admin has been caught making a shocking move that has Americans outraged.

The Radical Left has made so many decisions that directly harm this nation and the citizens who live here.

They have made it clear that no matter what they say, they do not care about America or Americans… all that the Left cares about is passing their Radical agenda.

One of the ways that the Left has been pushing their agenda on us all, is by using our tax-payer dollars in order to fund their absurd and radical desires.

Many people are outraged by this and consider it to be essentially theft.

And now, the Biden administration has allocated $20 billion in federal cash to eight environmental NGOs in an effort to combat climate change.

The funds were approved by the Inflation Reduction Act, a big spending bill pushed through Congress by the Democratic majority at the time.

In a statement, Vice President Kamala Harris celebrated the funds and said that the push was “the largest investment in financing for community-based climate projects in our nation’s history.”

She added, “The grantees announced today will help ensure that families, small businesses, and community leaders have access to the capital they need to make climate and clean energy projects a reality in their neighborhoods.”

The 2022 Inflation Reduction Act, which many Republican politicians have described as a “slush fund,” was essentially a climate, tax, and healthcare measure.

This is where the money originates from. In order to avoid having this money eliminated by Republicans in 2025 if they take control of Congress, the Biden administration is working to distribute them as quickly as possible.

The Climate United Fund, Coalition for Green Capital, Power Forward Communities, Opportunity Finance Network, Inclusiv, Justice Climate Fund, Appalachian Community Capital, and Native CDFI Network are the eight nonprofit organizations that are expected to receive these monies, according to The Hill.

According to the New York Times, these nonprofits will use the money to lend money to different organizations, companies, and individuals while emphasizing the adoption of renewable energy technologies.

Of the money, $14 billion is set aside expressly for communities of color, low-income rural areas, and other designated areas.

Of the groups listed, Opportunity Finance Network is expected to get the most funding.

The organization’s stated goal is to “revolutionize the community development finance industry through new clean energy investments in underinvested communities, prioritizing climate action, equity, and community benefits.”

This network consists of more than 400 community development financial institutions.

Once again, the world sees the true desires of the Left: steal money from hard-working Americans and give it to massive corporations in order to push an agenda.

We cannot sit idly by any longer while our money goes to waste. We must hold our elected officials accountable.

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