Massive radical media corporation has made a shocking statement about Trump campaign

The Left hates Trump, and the very idea of him running for office again terrifies them. But now, they seem to have acknowledged a major problem.

And a massive radical media company has made a shocking declaration regarding Trump’s campaign.

Recently, Vanity Fair has made it clear that they have a massive problem with the Trump campaign: it is simply just too successful.

Gabriel Sherman, a writer for the publication, confirms that President Donald Trump’s campaign for a second term in office is being managed by a capable, effective team.

“How worried should you be?” He writes. “Very.”

Sherman highlighted that the campaign cannot even be derailed by Trump’s ongoing legal issues.

This was demonstrated by the response to Trump’s mugshot photo, which was taken when he was arrested and charged in Fulton County, Georgia, following the filing of a RICO indictment against him and eighteen other co-defendants by DA Fani Willis.

This legal battle, among his others, has actually increased his support both financially and among voters who are now committing to his campaign.

Sherman wrote, “To Democrats and the fraction of Republicans horrified by the idea of a second Trump administration, it symbolized his dangerous criminality. For MAGA and the majority of GOP voters, it would be visual proof of Trump’s persecution by the deep state.”

From merch of Trump’s mug shot alone, his campaign brought in over $7 million.

Sherman also said, “If Trump wins back the White House, his increasingly extreme and violent rhetoric is poised to become policy.”

“While his 2016 agenda was frequently stymied by infighting and incompetence, available signs point to a second West Wing staffed by loyalists who would actually carry out his policies. The takeover of the Republican National Committee, which Trump recently completed, installing his daughter-in-law Lara as cochair, is a blueprint to keep in mind,” he added.

As if things weren’t bad enough for Sherman and Vanity Fair, Jason Miller, Trump’s top campaign strategist, informed Sherman that “President Trump knows who can deliver and who can’t.”

Miller added that “The backstabbers who were around in 2016 won’t be in this next White House.”

Put another way, Trump’s support has not decreased during Biden’s presidency, he received over half of the vote in 2020, and he now has a campaign crew that is capable, devoted, determined, and strong.

Sherman, along with many other Democrats, fear that Trump’s staff may be set up to win.

Sherman delves deeply into the potential personnel for Trump’s West Wing in the event of a second term, highlighting the dire consequences of the “administrative state” becoming “disintegrated.”

Ultimately, Sherman concludes with a prayer for divine intervention saying “God help us, indeed.”

The very thought of Trump having a competent campaign team has the entire Radical Left terrified.

Yet, they have to admit that Trump’s campaign is competent and efficient… especially compared to the disaster that is the Biden campaign.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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