Liberal city makes a shocking decision to celebrate crime even while deaths skyrocket

The Left constantly makes decisions that leave people stunned. And they are so out of touch with reality and have no care for their citizens.

But now, a liberal city has made a shocking decision to celebrate crime even while deaths skyrocket.

After the city canceled its yearly 4/20 event at Golden Gate Park, San Francisco will be holding its first-ever “Weed Week” this year, a festival geared at embracing marijuana culture in the city.

The event, which is set to begin on April 13 and run through April 20, commonly referred to as “4/20,” an unofficial holiday for cannabis enthusiasts, promises to be a week-long celebration of everything cannabis-related.

According to a local news outlet, the organizers of the event wrote, “SF Weed Week is like SF Beer Week, only for weed. It features cannabis producers releasing new flowers in 7 licensed lounges and stores over 7 nights.”

Every April 20, marijuana lovers congregate at Golden Gate Park’s “Hippie Hill” to engage in various cannabis-related activities as part of the city’s official 4/20 celebration.

However, the event was called off due to a lack of funds and budget cuts.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed noted that the grassroots efforts of the people who started Weed Week are what keep the 4/20 spirit alive, even though the official city event is canceled every year.

Breed said, “The event is canceled, but 420 is an organic event that came together not because the city said so, but because the community makes it happen as long as we do so safely.”

The creator of this so-called “weed-week”, David Downs, said “Weed growers are rock stars, and strains are celebrities. I want to give these strain releases the same rock star treatment that album releases get. It’s going to be dope. 4/20 is on in San Francisco.”

Since cannabis usage for recreational purposes was made legal in California in 2016, the market has expanded significantly.

Mayor Breed emphasized that, according to KTVU, the cannabis industry is expected to significantly boost California’s economy between 2024 and 2025, bringing in $789 million.

While many people see this as a positive effect on the economy, other citizens are worried about what their tax-payer dollars are being spent on.

They also struggle with the idea that instead of taking care of citizens or tackling rampant drug use, crime, homelessness, and other social issue, the city has decided to funnel resources into promoting this celebration of weed.

San Fransico was once a booming city that thrived under massive economic growth.

But now, San Fransico has been in the news for much worse reasons recently.

Businesses are shutting down en masse, families are leaving, and crime continues to sky rocket. Many residents in the area are concerned that the government is not focusing on the right things.

And while positive economic growth is a benefit for the entire area, the positive effects of weed week do not out-weigh the positive effects of leadership or governments who care about their citizens and residents.

We must hold our leaders accountable, and we must demand that they spend the time and effort in areas that matter most… not promoting weed.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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