Biden administration ends up attacking themselves in moronic Super Bowl ad

Apparently not only is Joe Biden mentally challenged and unable to remember things, but his administration is too. And this most recent error could cost them the election.

Because they ended up attacking themselves in a moronic Super Bowl ad.

Super Bowl Sunday is always a big day for advertisers across the nation.

And many political figures have taken advantage of the opportunity to send their message out to the millions of Super Bowl enjoyers.

Well this time, that plan may have backfired and cost the Radical Left everything.

On Super Bowl Sunday, Joe Biden posted a video to his social media accounts where he tried to connect with the American people.

However, it appears that Joe Biden has not learned anything at all, because he posted a video where he tried to paint himself as the savior of the economy.

One can only assume this is another of the Biden administration’s horrific mistakes because it has been proven time and time again that the American people are not buying it.

We know that Joe Biden and his corrupt leadership are the only reason why the American economy is in the toilet.

We know that no one else is to blame other than Joe and his administration.

However, Joe Biden posted a video blaming corporations for “shrinkflation” and pointed the blame at everyone but himself for the horrible economy we have suffered through over the past few years.

Joe Biden started by trying to act as if he is one of us by pretending he has to buy his own snacks.

He said, “If you’re anything like me, you like to be surrounded by a snack or two while watching the big game.”

He went on saying, “You know when buying snacks for the game, you might have noticed one thing: sports drinks bottles are smaller, a bag of chips has fewer chips, but they’re still charging us just as much. As an ice cream lover what makes me most angry is that ice cream cartons have actually shrunk in size, not in price.”

First of all, Joe Biden does not have to buy his own snacks, so he obviously can not relate to the American public on this issue.

Secondly, while this “shrinkflation” may be true, the only reason for it is because of Joe Biden himself, but he tried to blame companies and corporations.

He said, “I’ve had enough of what they call shrinkflation. It’s a rip-off. Some companies are trying to pull a fast one by shrinking the products little by little and hoping you won’t notice.”

“Give me a break. The American public is tired of being played for suckers. I’m calling on companies to put a stop to this. Let’s make sure businesses do the right thing now,” he added.

While this ad was an attempt to get support from the American public, the plan backfired and blew up in Joe’s face.

The American people immediately jumped on their social media accounts to call out Joe Biden’s horse manure.

Users said, “Imagine how little respect you must have for voters to try this”, “Biden is getting some really terrible advice”, and one user pointed out the obvious: “Shrinkflation is just a way to hide prices going up.”

One podcast host, Stephen L. Miller said what all of us were thinking, “Nobody believes this.”

Nobody believes Joe Biden firstly knows anything about the economy because he is so senile and also so far removed from reality.

And secondly, no one believes that anyone but Joe Biden is to blame for the destruction of the American economy.

We have suffered for too long under this oppressive regime and we must fight back.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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