Watchdog group warns of major election interference ahead of 2024 cycle

The Radical Left has been accusing conservatives of election interference for years. But now the tables have turned.

And a watchdog group has warned of election interference ahead of the 2024 cycle.

A conservative watchdog group just recently released a report in which they made a number of recommendations for secure voting as well as warned of foreign funding in elections.

Honest Elections Project Executive Director Jason Snead highlighted that many red states had made significant improvements in election security.

However, he warned that there were still many problems to address especially the ability of foreign nationals to fund elections.

Snead said, “If you are a voter in a red state, the odds are your laws are significantly better than they were in 2020.”

“There’s a lot of momentum on the Right for improving elections, for taking the slack out of voting laws,” he continued.

He specifically highlighted “that foreign money can go toward state ballot measures that have far-reaching policy ramifications.”

The report stated, “Federal and state laws bar candidates and campaigns from receiving foreign donations, but these laws generally do not apply to ballot measures.”

It continued by saying “Left-wing groups like the 1630 Fund routinely pour tens of millions into ballot measure campaigns while simultaneously accepting substantial donations from foreign nationals such as Hansjörg Wyss.”

Wyss nonprofits, which include the Wyss Foundation as well as the Berger Fund, have spent over $475 million influencing American politics.

Snead told reporters that “The Left has railed against foreign influence and yet at the same time they got themselves addicted to foreign money, and now they are using it to rewrite election laws in very fundamental and highly partisan ways.”

Snead as well highlighted the push for “ranked-choice” voting to replace partisan primary elections and warned of the consequences and dangers.

He stated it “makes it harder to vote, harder to understand the results of elections, and harder to trust the voting process.”

He further warned that “There is a concerted national campaign being pushed right by some liberal megadonors to essentially reinvent the electoral system.”

And he claimed that the ranked-choice voting system was “designed to harm conservatives” and force “politics to the Left.”

These accusations and warnings are ones that all Americans need to hear.

We must all be wary of voter fraud, and election interference, and we must join together to ensure our elections in America are fair.

The Radical Left has forsaken fair elections, and they are so worried about winning elections, that they have decided to play dirty.

We cannot let that happen and we must work to maintain the integrity of our election process.

Americans cannot suffer under more of this oppressive and fascist leadership, so we must take to the polls to vote for a strong leader who will protect this great nation.

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