Democrat leader slips up and tells world Radical Left’s true priorities

It is no secret that the Radical Left hates America. And they seem to put everyone else before Americans.

But now, a Democrat leader has slipped up and told the world the Left’s true priorities.

During the past few years, America has suffered significantly under Democrat leadership, and more specifically under the oppressive regime of the Radical Left.

Americans are struggling to live as the prices of everything have skyrocketed under Joe Biden.

And matters are only made worse by the crisis at the southern border.

But during all of this, the Radical Left has proven to the world that they hate America and Americans, and they continually prioritize foreign powers and illegal immigrants over American citizens.

However, even though it is obvious to all, the Radical Left pretends to still care about America… or at least they did.

This past week, Senator Chris Murphy, a Democrat from Connecticut, told MSNBC that Democrats care the most about illegal aliens.

He was discussing the border bill unveiled in the Senate on the extreme-left network’s segment “All In With Chris Hayes.”

During the discussion, Murphy said this:

“So you are right that that has been the Democratic strategy for 30 years, maybe, and it has failed to deliver for the people we care about most, the undocumented Americans that are in this country.”

Murphy continued and said, “This is also not 2013 any longer. When we ran that play last back then, there were a couple hundred people showing up every day applying for asylum. Today, on some days, there are 8,000. And the reality is, is that the bulk of this country does not think that that’s right or sustainable and wants us to change the reality at the border.”

He then ended by admitting that “It’s not a pathway to citizenship, but it is something substantial for people that actually care about migrants.”

This should terrify and disgust every American citizen out there.

The Left is now admitting that they care the most about undocumented and illegal immigrants over legal citizens.

Democrats have been branding themselves as the party of the people and the party of the working class for decades, but we know better than that.

However, now there is no doubt about it… they have admitted it out loud for the whole world to hear: they care the most about non-Americans.

Politicians like Chris Murphy are forsaking their oaths of office and they should be held accountable immediately.

We must not allow this treason to continue.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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