Biden administration official has been caught in a terrorist spy ring

Joe Biden’s administration is full of unqualified and severely underqualified staff. However, nobody was expecting things to be as bad as this.

And now a Biden administration official has been caught in a terrorist spy ring.

A new report sent to the president this week has accused a Pentagon aide of being a part of a “covert campaign” that is attempting to undermine the US.

The aide, Ariane Tabatabai, was born in Iran and has already been ousted before, yet Biden has refused to take any action, but now he will have no choice.

A report released in the fall exposed her for being part of an Iranian spy ring that had infiltrated “some of the most sensitive positions in the U.S. government” yet Tabatabai has kept her security clearance.

The spy ring operation began in 2014 when Iran created the Iran Experts Initiative (IEI) which was a propaganda operation that attempted to recruit “top talent from Iranians living abroad to help Iran obtain a favorable nuclear deal,” according to the Daily Wire.

The group reported to a terrorist group and the Foreign Minister of Iran at the time, Javad Zarif.

University of Baltimore professor Ivan Sascha Sheehan released a report that claimed Tabatabai as well as other members of IEI had engaged in a “covert campaign” to “smear the Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK), one of the top opposition groups to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s regime.”

The report said, “By seeking to neutralize favorable impressions of the organization among Washington’s foreign policy elite, Tehran sought to take down an entity capable of aiding Western attempts to curtail the Iranian regime’s nuclear weapons program, malign regional agenda, human rights abuses, and fundamentalist inclinations.”

The report was endorsed by former vice president national security advisor Lincoln Bloomfield as well as Spanish political leader Alejo Vidal-Quadras Roca.

Alejo Vidal-Quadras Roca was shot in the face last week in Madrid in what many officials believe was an attack that could be linked to Iran.

Even British officials have chimed in on the matter and warned that the number of assassination attempts in the West by Iran operatives has seen a “real acceleration.”

The report adds, “By brazenly targeting the highly effective dissident organization, the operatives hoped to leave US officials with the false impression that there is no viable alternative to the ayatollahs — and certainly not one with a pro-democracy record that remains committed to toppling clerical rule.”

Officials say the report was sent to Biden earlier this week and that lawmakers are expected to be briefed this week.

Sheehan also stated that the IEI operative had written different “op-eds” with the intention of “smearing” Iran’s Western opponents in order to “discourage a shift in the U.S. government toward a realistic regime change policy in Iran.”

He added, “These viewpoints included beliefs such as, ‘According to Khamenei’s fatwa, Nuclear bomb is not Halal in Shiite belief and therefore will not be developed by the theocratic regime’ and ‘the regime has no viable alternative and MEK is disliked in Iran, and therefore this regime has to and will stay despite any discontent.”

The terrorist spy Tabatabai previously worked for Robert Malley who was Biden’s special envoy to Iran.

However, Malley has been suspended and is under criminal investigation by the FBI and Tabatabai was moved to the Department of Defense.

It is terrifying to think that Biden has allowed terrorist spies to go unchecked in the top level of our government.

Many believe that his knowledge and refusal to do anything should be classified as treason and would effectively remove Biden from office.

The American people demand the truth and we demand our administration and elected officials be held accountable.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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