Biden administration quietly admits to this horrible mistake

The Biden administration is a disgrace and they have committed countless critical errors. But they never seem to take responsibility or even acknowledge any mistakes unless they are forced to.

Now the Biden administration quietly admitted to this horrible mistake.

In the middle of tragic crises all across the nation and the world, the Biden administration released news as quietly as possible to avoid any notice.

The United States Customs and Border Patrol (CPB) quietly released its data for the fiscal year of 2023 and the results expose the Biden administration for their failures.

The data shows that the number of illegal immigrants in the US has skyrocketed since Biden took office, and the data also shows that a record 2.4 million apprehensions happened at the border in the 2023 fiscal year.

This is a new record and it tops last year (which was the previous record at 2.3 million).

Donald Trump Jr. called out the administration for their questionable timing on the release of the information.

He said, “Of course, Customs and Border Patrol waits until Saturday morning to release the new disastrous border numbers so that no one is paying attention.”

He continued, “So we understand what the invasion looks like; 267 terrorists (these were caught imagine how many got through?), 8M+ illegal aliens since Biden took office, 72,823 illegal special interest aliens (from countries that harbor terrorism) over the last 2 years.”

He concluded by saying, “This is not an accident or a coincidence, this is deliberate by Democrats and it will destroy our country.”

Many Americans agree with these sentiments and are outraged that the administration waited until the world was asleep or distracted to release these telling numbers.

Americans are waking up to the destruction of the left and are speaking out against their harmful policies.

Senator Josh Hawley sent a letter to the Department of Homeland Security asking what was being done about “uptick in potential terrorist-linked illegal aliens.”

He wrote, “I write with alarm regarding the uptick in potential terrorist-linked illegal aliens encountered at the southern border. This development follows the barbaric attack perpetrated by Hamas terrorists on innocent American and Israeli civilians.”

He stated that it was “imperative that [he] address this issue immediately to ensure the safety of American citizens, especially Jewish Americans, who are facing increased threats to their physical safety following the Hamas attack.”

These numbers and data released by the CPB seem to make the answer obvious: Democrats are doing nothing.

Democrats are not securing the border, they are loosening restrictions, and they are letting more illegals, terrorists, and dangerous individuals in than ever before.

The Biden administration’s Radical policies are destroying this country and we need to stand up for this ourselves and hold this corrupt administration accountable.

The Biden administration must be removed from power before they can do even more harm.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics while we bring you the TRUTH that the Left will not.

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