Radical Democrat DA has shocking take on a pressing problem

As crime skyrockets under Democrat leadership, those on the Radical Left continue to deflect blame. But this one response will leave you speechless.

As a Radical Democrat DA has shocking take on a pressing problem.

Everyone in this country and maybe even the world knows how bad the situation in Portland is, but for some reason, the Radical Leftists refuse to acknowledge any problem.

The district attorney for Portland has made a shocking statement that deflects any and all sort of blame for the city’s skyrocketing violent crime.

In fact, District Attorney Mike Schmidt said, “I grade myself, quite frankly, very highly. I’d say ‘A.’”

The city has seen a massive increase in homicides and open drug use, yet the DA refused to accept any sort of responsibility and instead resorted to blaming the police.

When asked about how well he’s done at his position, Schmidt said, “This has been the toughest three years in the history of Multnomah County to be the district attorney. A pandemic, civil rights, gun violence, fentanyl hitting our streets, defense attorney crisis, a state hospital that’s overflowing.”

Instead of accepting any blame, the DA only pointed out the issues and the city has faced under his leadership.

A reporter also directly called him out in regards to crime rates, and the DA stated “What the district attorney can do to try to alter the trajectory of crime rates is: not a lot. I agree with that. But as long as I’m going to get blamed for the crime rates going up, I’d like to advertise that the crime rates are going down.”

However, while in recent weeks the crime rate has gone down slightly, overall since Schmidt took office, crime rates have skyrocketed under his oversight.

Schmidt also blamed police officers for the decrease in prosecutions and said that law enforcement was “spread thin.”

Schmidt said, “We’re seeing dramatically fewer cases come from the Portland police. This is particularly true of misdemeanors. The traffic unit was disbanded, and we saw a massive decrease in traffic crimes being referred to our agency.”

He continued saying, “Another area we saw a big drop is thefts. I asked the chief what’s going on here? It’s a mixed bag of reasons. Police have been stretched thin dealing with violent crimes.”

Here it is… the DA admitting that the police are stretched thin dealing with violent crimes, yet he is doing nothing about it and even saying he has done a great job as the DA.

Liberal leadership and Radical politicians are destroying our country and refusing to take any blame or accept any consequences.

The Radicals in the nation want to force their Radical policies on American citizens, destroy cities and states, and walk away scot-free.

The reporter confronted Schmidt a final time to try and give the DA a chance to accept the blame and asked about why so many criminal are walking free when facing trial.

He said, “But aren’t you part of the problem? You campaigned on eliminating cash bail—and you helped push recent legislation that limited its use. Do you have any regrets about that?”

To which Schmidt replied, “No. How much money you have should not dictate whether or not you are released. We should be looking at risk.”

Democrats are destroying this country and Portland is an obvious example of that.

It is time for Americans to stand up for their rights and their lives and hold these corrupt officials accountable.

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