Biden administration’s shocking border decision leaves people outraged

Joe Biden is a failure and a disgrace to this country. And his policies are atrocious.

But the Biden administration’s shocking border decision has left people outraged.

The simmering crisis at the southern border boiled over this week as Yuma Mayor Douglas Nicholls accused the Biden administration of playing political games with the lives of American citizens by refusing to activate the Federal Emergency Management Agency to assist overwhelmed border communities.

In a stark interview with CBS News, Mayor Nicholls delivered a scathing indictment of the administration’s handling of the ongoing migrant surge, stating:

“We’ve needed FEMA, and I’ve deliberately asked for them several times. This is not something cities are geared to handle. We don’t feed people. We don’t house people. Guess who does? FEMA does.”

Nicholls’ frustration stems from the undeniable reality facing Yuma and other border towns:

they are drowning under the weight of an unprecedented influx of migrants.

Local resources are stretched thin, with basic necessities like food and shelter becoming impossible to provide without significant federal assistance.

Yet, despite urgent pleas from Nicholls and countless others, the Biden administration has remained stubbornly resistant to deploying FEMA, leading to accusations of willful neglect and prioritizing political optics over the well-being of American citizens.

“It’s gotten some discussion when I’m in the room, but I don’t think it gets much discussion when I’m not,” Nicholls remarked pointedly, hinting at a disturbing lack of genuine engagement from the administration concerning the dire situation on the ground.

Nicholls believes the root of the problem lies in partisan gridlock and politically motivated inaction.

He argues that although existing laws offer ample leeway for effective border management, the Biden administration has chosen to remain paralyzed by ideological rigidity, unwilling to implement policies that may contradict their preferred narrative.

“This is about perspective, which unfortunately comes down to a political tug of war,” Nicholls declared.

“The laws are the same, but every administration has been able to create effective policies within those laws. This administration simply refuses to take action, and the first thing they need to do is declare an emergency so they can activate FEMA. It’s that simple.”

With the border crisis showing no signs of abating and local resources pushed to the brink, Mayor Nicholls’ accusation rings loud and clear:

the Biden administration is more concerned with scoring political points than safeguarding the lives and livelihoods of Americans living on the front lines of this humanitarian disaster.

Whether the administration will heed his call and finally deploy FEMA remains to be seen, but the consequences of continued inaction are becoming increasingly dire.

We must fight back against the Radical policies and inaction of the Left and defend America ourselves.

We must take an example from Texas’s recent decision to take matters into their own hands.

As long as Joe Biden and the Radical Left are in charge, America is not safe.

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