Radical policies leave entire community open to crime

The policies of the Radical Left are actively destroying America. And entire cities and states are suffering under the oppression.

And now, these Radical policies have left an entire community open to crime.

In a stunning display of discontent, nearly half of the Big Bend Police Department resigned en masse on December 28th, leaving the small Wisconsin town reeling and raising serious questions about leadership and a fractured community.

The mass exodus has been directly linked to the volatile relationship between the police and the Village Board, with officers citing a “toxic work environment” and a lack of support after a tumultuous year.

The saga began in September when the Village Board, driven by potential cost savings, voted to disband the local police department in favor of relying on the Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department.

This decision met with immediate community backlash, with residents and officers alike rallying behind their local police force.

Yard signs plastered across Big Bend declared “Support Our Police,” as citizens openly opposed the disbandment.

Tragically, amid this community tension, Police Chief Don Gaglione committed suicide in October.

His death sent shockwaves through the town, and some residents, fueled by grief and outrage, pointed fingers at the Village Board’s decision as a contributing factor.

The atmosphere in Big Bend became increasingly fractious, with a “clear division” forming, as former Fire and Police Commission Chair Mark Andersen described it.

Despite community pressure, the disbandment vote remained in place for weeks.

Only after sustained public outcry and legal challenges did the Board finally reverse its decision, but the damage had been done. The trust between the police and the Board was irreparably fractured.

On December 28th, the pent-up frustration of the officers materialized in a wave of resignations.

Five seasoned officers – including Sergeant Aide with 7 years of service and Officer Hennlich with a decade on the force – tendered their resignations, citing the “toxic work environment” fostered by the Board.

This mass exodus left the remaining police force severely depleted, with just one full-time officer and a handful of part-timers.

This dramatic development sparked fears of a potential security vacuum in Big Bend. While the Waukesha County Sheriff’s department has pledged to assist, concerns remain about the long-term impact on local law enforcement.

Andersen himself expressed serious apprehension, stating, “There could be a lack of service in the area.”

The Village Board, now facing a community in crisis and a severely weakened police force, has issued statements assuring residents that the department will remain operational.

However, the trust shattered by their earlier actions and the cloud of doubt cast over their leadership will be difficult to dispel.

The Big Bend Police Department saga serves as a cautionary tale for communities across the nation. It highlights the delicate balance between fiscal responsibility, community trust, and the vital role of local law enforcement.

The mass resignation and its underlying causes expose the potentially devastating consequences of fractured leadership and a failure to acknowledge the concerns of those on the front lines of public safety.

Only time will tell if Big Bend can heal the wounds inflicted and rebuild the trust shattered by the blue exodus.

This is the perfect example of Radical policies’ destructive repercussions on full display.

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