Disgusting White House move defends funding terrorist groups

The current administration is one that has done so much to aid terrorist groups across the world. But now they have taken things too far.

And this new disgusting White House move defends funding terrorist groups.

It is no secret that the current administration is full of terrorist sympathizers, however, no one saw this coming.

During a recent press conference, White House national security spokesman John Kirby defended funding known terrorist groups.

He acknowledged and then defended the Biden administration’s decision to fund the United Nations Relief and Works Agency even as they face horrendous accusations.

UNRWA was created after the 1948 war when Arabs failed to destroy the newly formed State of Israel.

During that time, roughly 700,000 Palestinians left their homes at the encouragement from Arab leaders.

Experts claim that UNRWA continues the conflict by claiming that Palestinians are “refugees” even when they have lived for generations in other countries.

They conveniently leave out the truth regarding the Palestinians’ homes, and they also do not speak to the terror organizations actively trying to destroy Palestine.

Additionally, the UNRWA has been accused multiple times over the course of many years of indoctrinating Palestinians and encouraging them to hate Jews.

Many staff of UNRWA even reportedly praised Hamas for their atrocious acts of October 7th.

In fact, many of the participants of the attack were graduates from UNRWA schools.

A UNRWA teacher helped imprison an Israeli hostage, and many IDF forces routinely find weapons and bombs in UNRWA facilities.

This group is not a humanitarian group trying to help Palestinians… they are a terror group actively encouraging and participating in mass terror attacks.

However, when asked by reporters regarding the involvement of UNRWA, Kirby denied any wrongdoing and even praised the terror group.

The reporter asked, “Does this make them complicit in any way? How does the administration view this, and is there any way that you plan on adjusting your strategy, moving forward?”

To which Kirby replied that UNRWA was doing “important work” and getting “food, water, and medicine” to Palestinians in need, which could not be further from the truth.

Kirby claimed, “You can’t hold them accountable for the depredations of Hamas.”

Which is certainly true, or it would be if UNRWA did not participate in the same activities that Hamas does.

In 2018, President Donald Trump rightly removed funding to the terror group, however, Joe Biden restored over $700 million in funding.

The reality is that Joe Biden and the current administration are actively funding terror groups through UNRWA.

They know this fact, yet refuse to condemn the actions of UNRWA.

This sad reality is disgusting and they need to be held accountable for their atrocious actions immediately.

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