Biden attacked by top Republican leader, and everyone is shocked

Joe Biden has not been popular in the eyes of most of America. But now, people are speaking out.

And Joe Biden was just attacked by a top Republican leader and everyone is shocked.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has voiced strong opposition to President Joe Biden’s proposal to resettle Palestinians from Gaza in the United States, a plan that has stirred significant controversy amid ongoing global conflicts.

DeSantis’s remarks came after reports surfaced that several federal agencies are exploring options to facilitate such resettlements, contingent upon cooperation from other nations, notably Egypt.

During a press conference on Wednesday, Governor DeSantis expressed disbelief at the President’s intentions, suggesting that such a move would not align with U.S. interests.

“That is not in this country’s interest,” DeSantis stated, pointing to the overwhelming support for terrorism among the Palestinian population according to him, and their general animosity towards the United States.

DeSantis’s comments reflect a broader concern among conservatives who argue that importing individuals from a region so deeply embroiled in violent conflict could lead to the transplantation of foreign hostilities onto American soil.

“What we’ve seen over there — and we’ve seen the reflections in our own society of people out protesting in favor of Hamas terrorists, these are people that cooked babies in ovens while they were r*ping the baby’s mothers, executing elderly people — we forget about what happened that day on October 7,” he said, referencing the horrific acts attributed to Hamas.

The Governor articulated a stark vision of the potential consequences of such resettlements, suggesting that they could exacerbate domestic tensions and contribute to societal unrest.

He called the activism seen on college campuses, which often sympathizes with Palestinian causes against Israel, a “sickness” that complicates domestic affairs.

Governor DeSantis emphasized the importance of assimilation and support for American foundational values among new arrivals to the U.S., criticizing the Biden administration’s approach as misguided.

“And so I think part of what we need to do to unify the country going forward is to have people that actually want to assimilate into America, that actually believe in our founding principles, not people that just want to replicate a lot of these blood feuds that we see in other parts of the world,” he remarked.

His administration’s stance is clear: Florida does not support the federal resettlement plan for Palestinians.

“So our view in Florida on bringing in people from Gaza is no, we do not want to do that here in the state of Florida,” DeSantis declared, positioning Florida against the backdrop of national debate on immigration and refugee policy.

Governor DeSantis’s firm stance against the resettlement of Palestinians in Florida underscores the challenges the Biden administration faces in implementing its Radical immigration and foreign policy agenda amid such divided public opinion.

Joe Biden and the Radical Left have seemingly done everything they can to destroy our nation’s national security especially when it comes to illegal immigration.

We cannot allow them to get away with this reckless madness any longer.

We must hold our elected officials accountable for all of their actions, and we must vote for leaders who will put the needs of the nation first instead of foreign terrorist sympathizers.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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