Trump’s newest election promises have Biden and the Democrats running for help

Joe Biden and the Radical Left have made the lives of countless Americans miserable. But now, all of that is about to change.

Because Trump’s newest election promises have Biden and the Left running for help.

During a campaign stop in Waukesha, Wisconsin, former President Donald Trump outlined a stark contrast between his economic policies and those of the current administration, promising a resurgence of prosperity under his potential second term.

Addressing a packed crowd, Trump took the opportunity to critique President Joe Biden’s handling of the economy, pointing to a series of policy failures that have led to extreme financial hardship for American families.

Trump’s rally speech, delivered on a day off from his trial in New York City, was charged with commitments to dismantle Biden’s economic strategies—dubbed “Bidenomics”—and to reinstate his own, which he refers to as “MAGAnomics.”

The cornerstone of his message was a pledge to reverse the economic downturn and implement policies aimed at boosting growth and reducing inflation.

“Last week, we saw numbers showing clearly that the economy is crashing—with GDP growth plunging by more than 50 percent in the first quarter of this year. We now have BIDEN STAGFLATION—which spells the DEATH of the American Dream,” Trump told his supporters.

He linked the economic decline directly to Biden’s policies, which he claims have suffocated the middle class with high taxes and mismanagement.

Highlighting the financial strain faced by ordinary Americans, Trump criticized Biden for promising to end the Trump-era tax cuts, which, according to Trump, helped many Americans achieve better financial stability.

“A single individual earning $75,000 a year will see an almost $2,000 tax hike; and a family of four earning $165,000 a year will see a nearly $3,000 tax hike under Biden’s plan,” he stated, emphasizing the burden on families already living paycheck to paycheck.

Trump’s speech also touched on job creation, accusing the Biden administration of inflating employment numbers with part-time and low-quality jobs, many of which are held by illegal immigrants, according to Trump.

He contrasted this with his own record, claiming, “When I left office, we handed Crooked Joe the fastest economic recovery ever recorded, the stock market was at a record high, the price of gasoline was $2 dollars per gallon, the 30-year mortgage rate was at a record-low 2.65 percent, and we had NO INFLATION.”

Moreover, Trump criticized the Biden administration for what he sees as reckless spending, particularly criticizing the American Rescue Plan and other large expenditures like the Inflation Reduction Act and infrastructure bills, which he labeled as wasteful.

“They spent trillions of dollars on the Green New Scam, all wasted money. Joe Biden’s economic plan is to make CHINA RICH and America Poor,” Trump declared, asserting that his own economic plan would prioritize American prosperity and lead to historical national wealth.

Amidst rising living costs, Trump provided specific examples of inflation under Biden, noting significant price increases in everyday items such as chicken, baby food, eggs, and gasoline.

He pledged to tackle what he calls the “50 percent Biden inflation tax” by cutting unnecessary spending and reversing Biden’s green energy initiatives, which he criticized as a “Green New Scam.”

Trump concluded his speech with a rousing call to action, urging his supporters to vote for a return to policies that prioritize American workers, energy independence, and economic growth.

“We are going to DRILL, BABY, DRILL,” he exclaimed, promising to end what he described as Biden’s war on American energy.

The American people must take back the power from the corrupt Left, and we must vote for leaders who will put our nation first.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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