White House refuses to answer national security questions and instead are hiding something

The Radical Left has been lying to the public for years. But now, the truth has come out.

And the White House has refused to answer national security questions and instead are hiding a massive secret.

In recent weeks, a series of campus protests and riots have erupted across United States universities, leading to widespread chaos and significant security concerns.

These protests, ostensibly in support of Palestine and the terrorist group Hamas, have seen participants seize university buildings and create encampments that disrupt normal campus activities.

Notably, these encampments have been coordinated to such a degree that participants across various locations sport matching tents, suggesting organized, professional involvement rather than spontaneous student activism.

This pattern has raised substantial questions about the funding and organization behind these movements, especially with numerous arrests revealing that many involved are not students but external agitators.

During a White House press briefing, Fox News reporter Peter Doocy pressed Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre on whether the Biden administration was investigating the professional orchestration behind these protests.

Inquiring specifically about the uniformity in protest equipment and these events being funded by domestic or foreign entities to sow discord, Doocy highlighted a critical concern about the safety and well-being of campus communities and the integrity of educational institutions.

However, the response from the White House was less than forthcoming.

Jean Pierre deflected these inquiries, stating that such matters were more appropriately handled by local officials and that the federal government, through the DOJ and FBI, would continue to support universities in respect to federal laws but did not commit to investigating the origins and funding of these protests directly.

This non-committal stance from the Biden administration has come under scrutiny, especially given the severity of incidents associated with these protests.

For instance, at Columbia University, protesters not only occupied university buildings but reportedly took multiple facility workers hostage.

Adding to the gravity, one of the protesters identified at Columbia was the spouse of a notorious terrorist previously deported from the U.S. for financially supporting a Palestinian terror group.

Such connections raise profound security concerns and show that these protests are more than mere expressions of campus dissent.

Moreover, the protests have been tainted by overt expressions of antisemitism and endorsements of terror groups, complicating the narrative that these are purely pro-Palestinian peace movements.

When Doocy brought up the administration’s silence on these extreme cases, Jean Pierre responded by reiterating President Biden’s commitment to combating antisemitism and distancing the administration from the violent protests.

Yet, the lack of a proactive federal response to these dangerous escalations remains a point of contention.

The situation on campuses like UCLA, where violent clashes forced the cancellation of classes, further underscores the need for a more robust administrative response.

Yet, despite these disruptions, there appears to be no clear strategy from the White House on addressing the escalating violence and its underlying causes.

The administration’s approach seems reactive rather than preventive, with a possible reluctance to thoroughly investigate or address the ideological and financial roots of the protests due to political sensitivities around the Israel-Palestine conflict.

This has led to concerns that the Biden administration might be prioritizing political correctness over the safety and security of university communities and the broader public.

We must demand more from our elected leaders.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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