New York AG Letitia James faces severe backlash for her political witch hunt, and Dems are worried

The Radical Left has been abusing the justice system to push its Radical agenda. But now, that could all change.

And now, New York AG Letitia James is facing severe backlash for her political witch hunt, and Democrats are worried.

In a shocking twist, a group of Christian pro-life pregnancy resource centers and organizations, led by Heartbeat International and represented by the Thomas More Society, has launched a lawsuit against New York Attorney General Letitia James.

This action comes in response to what the plaintiffs describe as a series of unconstitutional threats aimed at silencing their advocacy and misleading public statements made by James.

The lawsuit, filed on Tuesday in the Supreme Court of New York in Monroe County, accuses the Attorney General of infringing on the groups’ First and Fourteenth Amendment rights as well as violating the New York state constitution.

The dispute began after Attorney General James sent a controversial letter on April 22 to a dozen pro-life ministries, accusing them of “repeated and persistent misleading statements and omissions” in relation to their promotion of the Abortion Pill Reversal protocol.

This protocol, supported by countless pro-life advocates, involves the administration of bioidentical progesterone to potentially reverse the effects of mifepristone—a component of the medical abortion process—if a woman decides against completing the procedure.

The lawsuit argues that James’s actions are part of a broader, politically motivated campaign against pro-life organizations.

“Defendant James has no business interfering with the intimate medical decisions of an expectant mother, who, in consultation with her chosen medical professional, decides to carry her pregnancy to term,” the legal challenge states.

It further contends that such interventions by James are overreaches into personal health decisions and are particularly egregious given the sensitive nature of the issues involved.

Heartbeat International, one of the plaintiffs, plays a significant role in facilitating access to the Abortion Pill Reversal protocol.

Jor-El Godsey, the president of Heartbeat International, expressed deep concern over the state’s actions, which he views as an aggressive attempt to coerce women into continuing abortions they no longer wish to proceed with.

“New York State laws protect abortionists and abortion on demand up until birth,” Godsey stated. “Now they are targeting those who assist a woman in exercising her right to continue her own pregnancy. It is unconscionable to see the abortion industry and its politicians insist she complete an abortion she no longer wants.”

The pro-life organizations are seeking legal intervention to prevent James from initiating any lawsuits against them based on the accusations made in her April letter.

They are also asking the court to affirm that the notice issued by James violated their constitutionally protected rights.

Peter Breen, Executive Vice President of the Thomas More Society, criticized the actions of the Attorney General as a “political witch-hunt against small nonprofits” that have dedicated over half a century to serving New York’s pregnant women and their children.

Breen argues that James should be supporting these charities rather than attacking them with “outrageously false claims” under laws that do not apply to their noncommercial speech.

The filing of this lawsuit comes in the wake of increased scrutiny and criticism of pregnancy resource centers across the nation, particularly after the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

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