Biden betrays America in this shocking move

The fight for America is well underway. And things are getting much worse than anyone expected.

And now Biden has betrayed America with one shocking move.

Things have been very bleak in recent weeks as many border states and sanctuary cities are declaring emergencies over the Biden border crisis.

Biden has done an excellent job of overwhelming cities and states with immigrants in many cases illegally.

He has not set up any infrastructure or funding to help with this massive influx of hundreds of thousands of new migrants.

This has been the perfect recipe for disaster as many Democratic cities and states are declaring emergencies and begging for aid from the White House.

However, Biden’s most recent move is not exactly what they had in mind.

It is no secret that the border wall construction stopped when Biden took office, but many have assumed that given the growing emergencies in recent days, Biden would step up to help with the border crisis.

Instead, Biden is doing the exact opposite.

The White House has begun to auction off the unused sections of the border wall instead of using or storing them.

Senator Joni Ernst is co-sponsoring a bill called the “Finish It Act.”

Senator Roger Wicker said that the “sale is a wasteful and ludicrous decision by the Biden administration that only serves as further proof that they have no shame.”

Senator Tom Cotton who is also co-sponsoring the bill claims that “leaving the border open to terrorists while selling border security materials at a loss is Bidenomics in a nutshell.”

Illegal border crossings have seen a 33% increase over the last month, and even a number of key Democrat figures are begging Biden and the White House administration for help.

Even as crime skyrockets and tens of thousands of migrants flood cities and overrun areas, Biden refuses to do anything to help America.

Joe Biden cares more about foreign citizens than the American people.

Biden might be fooling himself but even as more Democrats call for a change, will Biden listen?

This is not an issue that can be ignored anymore.

This is also not an issue for just the border states.

The troubling border crisis has extended to all parts of America and is affecting the everyday American.

Regardless of opinions on immigration, everyone should be able to agree that the current administration’s approach to the border is terrible and harmful.

It is time to hold Biden accountable.

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