Top official blindsides Biden with a chilling warning

Biden’s failures are coming back to bite him. Americans nationwide are terrified.

And now, a top official blindsides Biden with a chilling warning.

Americans are worried and they have been for the past few years, as the United States economy has taken a downward turn since Joe Biden took office.

Biden has promised relief multiple times, and in recent months has boasted lower inflation rates.

Amidst these promises, everyday citizens feel little to no relief as prices and cost of living continue to sky rocket.

Even as Biden has repeatedly promised that things will get better, other top officials are saying the exact opposite thing.

One top official grimly stated that, “things will continue to get worse before they can get better.”

Piper Sandler chief global economist, Nancy Lazar, has warned Americans to “save your pennies.”

Speaking on rising prices of food, fuel, and almost everything else, Lazar said “in order to get those down, unfortunately, it classically does take an outright decline in economic activity or recession.”

“It will be painful. Mild recessions are an oxymoron. Recessions aren’t mild because the unemployment rate always increases.”

This is a scary reality for Americans even as they are being tricked by Biden.

Biden has been repeatedly lying to the American people and telling us that everything will be fine.

He keeps championing the “inflation reduction act” and boasting how much he is helping Americans.

He calls it “Bidenomics”, and the American people hate it.

While Biden continues to lie to the American people, other top officials are speaking the truth.

Even though it is refreshing to hear the truth, many Americans have been blindsided by the reality, as they believed Biden.

Lazar said that “in 2022 there was way too much government spending for an economy that was on a strong runway.”

This declaration comes just shortly after another top leader very similarly stated that the inflation and crippling economy was a direct result of over-the-top government spending.

Even as the average American continues to struggle, the Biden administration continues to spend.

They have no care for the citizens, and it is made increasingly.

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