Biden caught in lie that opens door for impeachment

President Biden’s story on his knowledge of Hunter Biden’s dealings has always been suspicious. Many doubt he’s telling the truth.

Now he has been caught in a shocking lie that leaves the door wide open for impeachment.

New transcripts have been released from Devon Archer’s testimony regarding the Biden family that make the truth clear.

President Biden had originally claimed that he knew nothing of his son’s dealings and had nothing to do with them.

But Archer’s transcripts expose Biden for the liar that he is.

Archer, a past business partner of Hunter Biden recently testified on the Biden family and their dealings.

Throughout his testimony, Archer continued to destroy Joe Biden’s story and prove that he has lied repeatedly to the American people.

Archer proves that the Biden influence not only existed in Ukraine but stretched even further.

A Ukrainian gas company, Burisma, was paying both Hunter and Archer around $83,000 a month (each) just to be close and have access to Joe Biden.

When the Ukrainian prosecutor general started to investigate corruption involving Burisma, Joe Biden flew to Ukraine and threatened to withhold 1 billion dollars in aid unless the prosecutor was fired.

Tell me, if Joe Biden knew nothing of his son’s dealings, why would he make that connection in Ukraine?

In his testimony, Archer says, “I do believe that, at the end of the day, Burisma wouldn’t have stayed in business so long if Hunter was not on the board.”

Archer also testified that Hunter Biden would call his father and put him on speaker phone so that others around him knew he had access to powerful influence in the US government.

Not only did Hunter call his father repeatedly for influence, but Joe Biden also had dinner with Hunter’s foreign business associates.

On top of Archer’s testimony, there is more overwhelming evidence that Biden did in fact know of his son’s dealings and was extremely closely involved.

There is also a letter detailing just how happy Vice President Biden was that Archer and Hunter would be working so closely together.

As more and more news comes to light, the corruption of the Biden family becomes increasingly clear.

The Biden family, or the Biden “brand” as Archer calls it, has sold access to Joe Biden for years and lied to cover up corruption.

Biden literally flew to a foreign country to demand that a foreign prosecutor be fired for investigating corruption in a foreign business that Biden claims he knows nothing about.

The lies are being uncovered left and right and Biden has been caught in a lie so big with such strong proof against him that there is nowhere to go from here.

What is President Biden’s next lie going to be to cover his tail?

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics for updates on this evolving story.

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