Liberal fact checker proves Kamala Harris’ surprising claim wrong

Kamala Harris is known for making absurd statements with no truth or validity. But no one expected her to make this statement.

And this shocking claim has now been proven false.

In a recent interview with ABC, a reporter asked VP Kamala Harris how she felt about having the lowest approval rating of any Vice President.

Kamala claimed that she actually had “great approval ratings.”

“Well, there are polls that also say I have great approval ratings. I think the point that has to be made is that there are attempts to create distractions away from the accomplishments of our administration” claims Harris.

This is a typical political deflection strategy, but this time the truth couldn’t so easily be lied about.

A liberal fact-checking website PolitiFact strongly refutes that claim: “public polling results do not support her assertion.”

“At the time the ABC News interview aired, FiveThirtyEight’s average was 39.7% approving of Harris’ performance and 52.3% disapproving, for a net of 12.6 percentage points ‘underwater’. Meanwhile, the most recent poll in which more people approved than disapproved of Harris’ performance was from October 2021 and was more than 100 polls ago. That poll, conducted by Saint. Leo University, found Harris above water by 2 percentage points, which was within the poll’s 3-point margin of error,” write PolitiFact.

Unless Kamala Harris is stuck in a time loop, October 2021 polls most certainly do not count.

Is she perhaps trapped in some sort of temporal anomaly that prevents her from accessing more recent and accurate information?

Maybe it’s time for Kamala to update her phone and computer to make sure their dates and times are correct.

It seems ironic that the VP of an administration prosecuting a former President for lying (among other things) would so blatantly lie about such a trivial issue.

If Kamala is willing to completely make up facts to fit her narrative when it comes to her approval rating, don’t you think there are certainly many other things she is making up?

When the White House was asked for evidence to back up Harris’ absurd claim, they floundered and pointed to the Vice President’s strong approval rating among certain voter demographical groups.

However, this is another absurd attempt to cover up for the incompetencies and lies of the current administration.

We know that this fact-checking website is not some conservative fact-checker out to get Harris as just last month they rated another absurd statement by Harris to be true.

Harris claimed that under DeSantis’s new policies, “middle school students would be taught that enslaved people benefited from slavery.”

What the truth actually is, is that Florida’s curriculum states “slaves developed skills which, in some instances, could be applied for their personal benefit” not that slaves benefited from slavery.

So, knowing that PolitiFact is still an absurd liberal “fact-checking website” that sides with Democrats, liberals, and their woke ideologies, the fact that they still called Harris out for her ridiculous claims certainly says something about our current VP.

How much longer will the American people have to deal with fake news and absurd lies spewed from the mouths of the political elite?

Will websites like PolitiFact keep only holding certain officials accountable for certain statements or will they choose to do something about our lying administration?

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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