Biden gets a shocking wake up call directly from voters

The Radical Left keeps preaching the lie that Americans love Biden. But the truth is much worse.

And now Biden got a shocking wake-up call directly from voters.

A tidal wave of anxieties is crashing over America, and it’s not driven by rising sea levels or coastal erosion.

No, the force reshaping the 2024 election landscape is far more visceral – it’s a surge of fear and frustration over the unchecked torrent of illegal immigration flooding our borders.

A recent Harvard CAPS-Harris poll paints a chilling picture: a staggering 35% of voters now list immigration as their top concern, eclipsing even the gnawing bite of inflation (32%).

This 7-point jump in just one month is no mere blip; it’s a seismic shift reflecting a nation on edge, its anxieties stoked by President Biden’s abject failure to secure the southern border.

December 2023 stands as a grim testament to this dereliction of duty.

Over 300,000 illegal immigrant encounters, a record-shattering number, were documented – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Countless others slip through the cracks, a silent invasion eroding national security, straining social services, and fueling anxieties about cultural displacement.

While the specter of inflation still looms, its urgency pales in comparison to the immediate, tangible threat posed by unchecked immigration.

“Economy and jobs” trail at a distant third (25%), followed by issues like crime, drugs, and healthcare – mere ripples in the wake of the immigration tsunami.

Even January 6th, once a potent political weapon, resonates with a mere 5% of respondents, highlighting the singular dominance of immigration as the defining anxiety of our time.

President Biden, meanwhile, stands shipwrecked amidst this rising tide.

His approval ratings on immigration are a watery grave: a paltry 35% approve, while a resounding 61% disapprove.

His pronouncements about secure borders ring hollow against the deafening drumbeat of encounters, apprehensions, and the heartbreaking stories of overwhelmed communities.

Even pronouncements of rising employment and wages from his advisors sound like distant echoes washed away by the roar of public discontent.

And lurking on the horizon, riding the crest of this wave, is former President Trump.

The poll delivers a stark, almost prophetic warning: in a head-to-head matchup, Trump garners 48% of the vote against Biden’s 41%.

This narrow margin, coupled with Biden’s abysmal approval ratings and the immigration headwind, paints a perilous picture for his re-election.

Trump, who built his 2016 campaign on the bedrock of a secure border, is already capitalizing on this shift.

His rallies thrum with chants of “Build the Wall,” his message resonating with the very anxieties and frustrations exposed by the poll.

He stands as a formidable bulwark against the perceived tide of cultural and economic erosion, a beacon of hope for those feeling disenfranchised by Biden’s open-door policies.

Should immigration maintain its current prominence as the defining issue of 2024, the consequences will be far-reaching.

Democrats might be forced to abandon their progressive ideals, shifting to a more hawkish stance on border security and potentially alienating their core base.

Republicans, on the other hand, have a potent weapon to galvanize their base and potentially retake the White House.

Immigration has become the defining force in the race for the Oval Office, and how both parties respond, how voters prioritize it amidst a complex landscape of anxieties, will shape the nation’s trajectory for years to come.

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