Terrifying new CIA report exposes corruption of Biden administration

william burns

The corruption in our government right now is something that should scare all Americans. But, now more proof has come out that shows the depth of things.

And a terrifying new report has exposed corruption in Biden’s CIA.

A stench of swamp water hangs heavy over Langley, Virginia, emanating from the very heart of America’s intelligence apparatus.

The Daily Caller’s bombshell report, a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request answered with a shiver, reveals a CIA riddled with potential conflicts of interest and festering with ethics violations – all while the Biden administration sleeps at the wheel.

Between January 2021 and May 2023, a staggering 32 Forms 202, each a crimson flag signaling suspected ethical breaches, were filed by the CIA with the Office of Government Ethics (OGE).

This figure eclipses submissions from other agencies tasked with safeguarding national security – the State Department with 16 and DHS Office of Inspector General with a meager 19.

This stark disparity paints a damning picture: a culture of ethical laxity blooming within the very walls where America’s secrets are kept.

But the rot runs deeper.

The OGE’s response to the Heritage Foundation’s FOIA request threw another log on the fire, hinting at hidden depths of malfeasance: “there may be multiple forms submitted in relation to a single referral.”

This cryptic addendum suggests the true number of ethical landmines buried within the CIA could be far higher than the already alarming 32 reported.

Yet, a deafening silence shrouds the Justice Department.

No indictments, no investigations, no public pronouncements regarding potential violations that, under Sections 203, 205, 207, 208, and 209 of Title 18 of the US Code, could encompass bribery, graft, and conflicts of interest.

This inaction, this willful blindness to potential rot at the core of our national security apparatus, is nothing short of criminal.

Consider the stakes.

These aren’t parking tickets or insider trading schemes.

These are potential conflicts of interest within the agency entrusted with safeguarding America’s secrets, the agency whose operatives walk razor-thin lines between classified information and national security threats.

Every ignored Form 202 is a potential crack in the dam, a chink in the armor through which adversaries could exploit and infiltrate.

The Biden administration’s deafening silence screams volumes.

It speaks of an institutionalized tolerance for misconduct, of a deep state swamp that swallows ethical concerns whole.

It betrays a blatant disregard for the American people’s right to know that their intelligence community operates with integrity, not behind a veil of potential corruption.

This isn’t simply an issue of bureaucracy and paperwork.

This is about national security, about the very fabric of trust on which our intelligence gathering and foreign policy depend. This is about a cancer gnawing at the heart of what once stood as a beacon of integrity.

The American people deserve better.

They deserve a CIA purged of conflicts of interest, a Justice Department that isn’t afraid to wield the scalpel of accountability and an administration that prioritizes national security above political expediency.

It’s time to drain the Langley swamp, expose the hidden rot, and ensure that America’s intelligence community operates with the ethical clarity and transparency it demands.

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