Trump was just attacked and his supporters are appalled

The amount of hatred towards Trump has certainly put him in a lot of danger. But no one expected this.

And now Trump was just attacked and his supporters are appalled.

The Radical Left hates Donald Trump, and they will stop at nothing to ensure he does not return to the White House.

However, they have broken all the rules and made it clear that the gloves are off… they are playing dirty.

For years, the Left has tried to frame Trump for numerous legal issues that are absurd, and it has become increasingly clear that they are simply weaponizing the justice system in this great nation.

But now, Trump is in the middle of multiple legal battles, and there is no sign that any of them will be slowing down.

And on Tuesday, Trump was just handed another major loss in the Left’s most recent attack.

Donald Trump had requested that the court reconsider its ruling that partially upheld a gag order against Trump in the J6 and 2020 election case brought forth by Jack Smith.

However, the DC Circuit Court of Appeals denied Trump’s request in a one-page ruling filed on Tuesday.

The court even went so far as to reinstate the gag order from Judge Tanya Chutkan which had been paused due to the appeal.

In the original December 8 decision, Judge Patricia Millett wrote that “The First Amendment unquestionably affords political speech robust protection.”

Judge Millett continued, “But there is another fundamental constitutional interest at stake here. The existence of a political campaign or political speech does not alter the court’s historical commitment or obligation to ensure the fair administration of justice in criminal cases.”

The December ruling was one that upheld a ban on Trump speaking on the participation of certain witnesses.

However, it removed special counsel Jack Smith as someone who was “off limits.”

Certain remarks by attorneys, court staff, and family members, are not allowed, “if those statements are made with the intent to materially interfere with, or to cause others to materially interfere with, counsel’s or staff’s work in this criminal case, or with the knowledge that such interference is highly likely to result.”

The reality of the situation is chilling:

The Radical Left is cheating their way into the courts, bringing false charges, and taking away Trump’s First Amendment rights when he tries to defend himself.

The bar has been set by the Radical Left, and it is clear that all political opponents and all those who disagree with the Left will be prosecuted and silenced.

This is not some sort of Orwellian futuristic novel… this is real news happening in real life in America.

This country is the greatest in the world, yet the Radical Left has destroyed it and taken away the rights of all who oppose them.

We cannot allow this to continue, and we must elect leaders who will not abuse their power like this.

It is up to the people to change the future of America.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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