Donald Trump breaks a record in his decisive win in New Hampshire

Donald Trump’s battle for the White House has been met with numerous challenges. But, things are starting to turn around.

And Donald Trump has broken a record in his decisive win in New Hampshire.

Critics claimed that Donald Trump had no chance of winning anything when he announced he would be running again in 2024.

And the Radical Left has done everything in their power to impede and restrict him.

They have falsified claims, lied, weaponized the government, and much more just to try and stop him from taking back the White House.

The Radical Left knows that if they want to be in this country, Donald Trump cannot be the president.

Donald Trump cares far too much for this country to allow the destruction of the Left to continue any longer.

But now, Donald Trump has completely flipped the narrative in his dominant win in New Hampshire.

On Tuesday, even while fighting legal battles in court, Trump absolutely demolished all of his competitors in the polls.

He also broke a record on Tuesday and received the most amount of votes ever in a New Hampshire Presidential Primary.

The previous record was set by Bernie Sanders in 2016 when he received 152,193 votes.

Donald Trump absolutely blew that number out of the water (even with votes still being counted).

The truth is that America is rallying behind Donald Trump, and we know that the vicious attacks of the Left cannot go on any further.

We have to elect leaders who will save America and make it great… not destroy it.

Donald Trump demolished his only remaining competitor, Nikki Haley, and proved that he was the dominant leader for the GOP 2024 election.

Haley doubled down by claiming that her “race is far from over.”

But Donald Trump clapped back asking why Haley was pretending why she won stating that we “can’t let people get away with bull…”

An astounding 70% of Haley voters in New Hampshire were not registered Republicans leaving many to believe that the Radical Left was STILL trying to sabotage Trump.

Donald Trump also proved that he can bring voters to the polls.

Many on the Left try and claim that Donald Trump will have no chance against Biden in the election, however numbers and statistics alone show that could not be farther from the truth.

America is rallying behind Trump as a great leader to bring this country back from the depths.

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