Biden hit with shocking poll that completely upset his re-election chances

Joe Biden is in the battle of his life. And he needs every last vote he can get.

But he has been hit with a shocking poll that completely upset his chances of getting re-elected.

For decades, the Democrat party has relied heavily on their support among minority voting groups, specifically Hispanic and Black voters.

However, all of that is changing and now the Democrats are scared of losing the election in 2024.

Biden’s support among white Democrat voters has been steady at below 50%, but his support among Black and Hispanic voters have plummeted since he took office.

New York Times’s Nate Cohn has said that “Biden’s weakness among nonwhite voters is broad, spanning virtually every demographic category and racial group, including a 72-11 lead among Black voters and a 47-35 lead among Hispanic registrants.”

At the 2020 election, Joe Biden won 92 percent of the black vote and 59 percent of the Hispanic vote.

Since 2000, the Democrats have averaged 91 percent of the black vote, but that all looks like it is about to change.

Cohn states that “Overall, the president’s approval rating stands at just 47 percent among nonwhite voters in Times/Siena polling over the last year; his favorability rating is just 54 percent.”

Even as Biden is losing support among nonwhite voters, Trump is gaining tremendous amounts of support.

It seems surprising that in a time of racial unrest and unease, that the party that claims to be the party of minorities is losing such extreme amounts of support.

While the media tries their hardest to portray Trump as a flaming racist, the polls speak for themselves.

Trump has gained an enormous amount of support, and even quite a bit in recent days has come since his indictments and arrests.

Joe Biden’s polling numbers among Black and Hispanic voters are the worst a Democrat has seen since Walter Mondale in 1984.

The reason is simple: Joe Biden and the Democrats do not have the support among the minority voters that they claim to.

Since 2016, Trump has gained even more support among Black and Hispanic voters.

While Joe Biden and the Democrats may want the public to believe their lies, Americans are having none of it.

The average American doesn’t spend as much time seeing black and white as the Democrats want them to.

It almost seems that Democrats want Americans to be racist so they can keep pitting us against each other.

But the reality is that the overwhelming majority of Americans do not care what race their friends and family are, even as the Democrats keep trying to re-segregate.

It is time for America to vote in leaders who will see them for who they are and not the color of their skin.

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