Democrats were hit with a gut punch over this utter failure

Everything the Left touches falls apart. Now it’s hitting close to home.

And Democrats were hit with a gut punch over this utter failure.

Democrat policies are extremely questionable, to say the least.

They seem to target all the wrong areas and address all the wrong problems.

And sometimes, they even seem to just be downright illegal or unbelievable.

Normal average Americans have been suffering under Democratic leadership and Democratic policies for years now, and they are fed up.

But now, finally, the Democrats have gotten a taste of their own medicine.

In 2020, many liberal cities experienced BLM riots and destruction that ravaged their cities.

In September of 2020, it was discovered that there were over $2 billion in damage claims making the riots the costliest in American history.

Yet, the Democrats refused to punish any of the rioters and repeatedly called the acts of aggression “peaceful protests.”

But now, these same liberal American cities have been ordered to give over $68 million in “reparations” to Antifa and BLM groups and thugs.

Denver was recently ordered to pay $4.7 million to rioters who were arrested.

These rioters were arrested and claimed that their 1st Amendment rights were infringed upon and therefore sued the city.

In California, a man was awarded $3.75 million after he sued when he was struck with foam bullets as he partook in the riots that overwhelmed L.A.

It is ridiculous that these same crooks and thugs who brought so much destruction to their cities are now being paid for being criminals.

These liberal cities have been pushing for policies that pay “reparations”, but now they have gotten a taste of their own medicine.

These “reparations” are crippling cities’ economies as they are forced to pay out millions of dollars that were not in their budget.

Instead of using this money to spend on the thousands of businesses that were obliterated during the riots, these cities are left instead paying money to criminals and rioters.

What sort of message does this send to Americans? If you riot and destroy businesses, you will get rewarded.

It is time to end this madness and to restore America to her full glory.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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