Biden just danced on the grave of Americans in this disgraceful speech

Joe Biden only cares about pushing his radical agenda. But now, they have been called out for it.

And Biden just danced on the grave of Americans in this disgraceful speech.

In a scene dripping with political opportunism, President Biden stood Monday at the hallowed grounds of Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, exploiting the recent tragedy at Iowa’s Perry High School to push for gun control measures demonstrably irrelevant to the event.

This cynical display, a depressingly familiar pattern from this administration, serves only to highlight the disconnect between Democrats’ preferred gun laws and the actual realities of violent crime.

Thursday’s shooting saw a 17-year-old assailant armed with a pump shotgun and a small-caliber handgun unleash hell upon Perry High School, tragically claiming the life of a young sixth grader before taking his own.

Yet, despite the clear details of the incident, Biden took to the pulpit not to offer somber reflection or unite a grieving community, but to peddle his tired, ineffective gun control agenda.

The President’s proposals – an “assault weapons” ban with “high capacity” magazine restrictions and universal background checks – fail spectacularly to address the realities of the Iowa shooting.

A pump shotgun, the primary weapon used, falls neatly outside the definition of an “assault weapon” used by most Democrats; neither would a small-caliber handgun be subject to a ban.

Furthermore, as the perpetrator was underage, no background check, whether at a retailer or private seller, would have come into play.

This disconnect isn’t lost on gun control advocates themselves.

Even the Newtown Action Alliance, a prominent gun control group, recognized the inapplicability of their favored “assault weapons” ban to the Iowa tragedy.

Yet, rather than acknowledge the limitations of their proposals, they doubled down, demonstrating a disturbing preference for ideological dogma over practical solutions.

The truth is, President Biden’s gun control crusade thrives on the manipulation of emotion and the exploitation of tragedies.

It ignores the realities of criminals who obtain firearms through illegal means, the efficacy of responsible gun ownership in deterring crime, and the importance of mental health interventions in addressing the root causes of violence.

Instead, it demonizes millions of law-abiding citizens, scapegoats inanimate objects, and offers feel-good policies that demonstrably fail to stop tragedies like the one in Iowa.

This cynical ploy must be recognized for what it is: a hollow attempt to score political points while offering no tangible solutions to the complex issue of gun violence.

Instead of preying on tragedies to push ineffective agendas, our leaders should focus on genuine solutions that address the root causes of crime, protect the rights of responsible gun owners, and offer genuine solace to grieving communities like the one in Perry, Iowa.

Only then can we truly break the cycle of violence and ensure a safer future for all Americans.

Americans must fight back against the false narrative of the Left.

And we must fight to preserve the rights we have that are enshrined in our Constitution.

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