Biden just received a massive betrayal from among his own people

Joe Biden has been struggling in the polls recently. And he needs every win he can get.

But now, Biden has just received a massive betrayal from among his own people.

A planned meeting between the Biden campaign and Dearborn’s Arab American community has been canceled, throwing a spotlight on simmering tensions within the crucial swing state of Michigan.

The decision, fueled by outrage over the recent Israel-Gaza conflict and perceived inaction by the Biden administration, raises questions about the Democratic Party’s ability to retain support among a pivotal voting bloc.

The planned Friday afternoon meeting, spearheaded by Wayne County Deputy Executive Assad Turfe, aimed to gather feedback from Arab American elected officials and community leaders.

However, news of the meeting sparked immediate uproar within the community, with many expressing anger and disappointment.

“As the community got to learn about the meeting, there was definitely a lot of outrage,” Turfe stated.

“Ultimately, the decision was made to cancel the meeting.”

Several factors contributed to the community’s rejection of the proposed meeting:

Critics felt the timing was insensitive, with the conflict still raging and Palestinian suffering at its peak.

Others questioned the Biden administration’s commitment to Palestinian rights, citing its support for Israel during the hostilities.

Turfe further noted that many Arab Americans who voted for Biden in 2020 felt disillusioned.

“Unless something drastic happens, you have lost the Arab American and Muslim community,” he declared, reflecting the widespread sentiment that their concerns were being sidelined.

Dearborn Mayor Abdullah Hammoud, known for his outspoken critiques of the administration’s Middle East policy, emphasized the need for concrete action over hollow political dialogue.

In a public statement, he declared, “When elected officials view the atrocities in Gaza only as an electoral problem, they reduce our indescribable pain into a political calculation.”

Hammoud, who declined to attend the meeting, urged the administration to prioritize Palestinian lives and engage in meaningful policy changes instead of mere electoral calculations.

He further highlighted the hypocrisy of discussing elections while witnessing a “live-streamed genocide backed by our government.”

Michigan represents a critical battleground in the upcoming elections, with its sizeable Arab American population holding significant sway.

Estimates suggest nearly 300,000 residents of Middle Eastern or North African descent call the state home, forming one of the nation’s largest such communities.

Turfe warned that the administration’s perceived inaction and the cancellation of the Dearborn meeting could have significant electoral consequences.

“If a significant portion of them choose to swing from being Democrats to Republicans,” he cautioned, “that could be very troubling for the Biden campaign.”

The cancellation of the Dearborn meeting signifies a simmering discontent within the Arab American community towards the Biden administration’s handling of the Israel-Gaza conflict.

With Michigan’s crucial votes hanging in the balance, the administration faces a pressing challenge to address these concerns if it hopes to retain its support within this key demographic.

The Radical Left are eating themselves alive, and they have no hope of joining together to stop Trump.

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