Joe Biden lies to grieving family of deceased service member

Joe Biden is a known liar with no care at all for the American people. But now even his supporters have to admit that he has taken things too far.

And Joe Biden has lied to the grieving family of a deceased service member.

President Biden’s propensity for gaffes took a somber turn on Thursday, raising fresh questions about his cognitive fitness and respect for fallen heroes.

During a condolence call with the family of Specialist Kennedy Ladon Sanders, one of three U.S. service members killed in a recent drone attack, Biden made a jarring misstatement about his own son.

“My son spent a year in Iraq, that’s how I lost him,” Biden reportedly told the grieving family.

The statement sent shockwaves through the political landscape, as everyone knows Beau Biden, the President’s son, tragically succumbed to brain cancer in 2015, never having served in Iraq beyond a non-combat deployment in 2008-2009.

This wasn’t Biden’s first misstep involving his son’s service.

He’s repeatedly claimed a link between Beau’s cancer and burn pits in Iraq, despite lacking concrete evidence.

While veterans face health challenges linked to such pits, definitively attributing Beau’s illness remains unsubstantiated.

The White House tried damage control, claiming Biden was merely “sharing his grief” and attempting to connect with the Sanders family.

But the attempt at empathy feels hollow when built on inaccuracies.

This isn’t a harmless slip-up; it’s a misrepresentation of a sacred sacrifice borne by the Sanders family and countless others.

This incident fuels concerns about Biden’s mental acuity, already a whisper in political circles.

The misstatement comes amid his struggles with public speaking and occasional displays of forgetfulness.

While age itself isn’t disqualifying, the demanding nature of the presidency necessitates clarity and focus, qualities increasingly questioned with each misstep.

Beyond the factual error lies a deeper issue:

The appropriate expression of empathy.

Some argue personal anecdotes, even if inaccurate, forge deeper connections.

But shouldn’t respect for the individual’s unique loss prevail? Using one family’s tragedy as a springboard for another, albeit unintentionally, trivializes both sacrifices.

Meanwhile, the true heroes remain unseen.

Specialist Sanders and his fallen comrades deserve our solemn remembrance, not as fodder for political narratives.

Their families deserve our unwavering support and a leader who accurately honors their sacrifice.

This incident cannot be swept under the rug as a “gaffe.”

It’s a symptom of a broader concern.

Can voters trust a leader prone to factual errors and questionable memory lapses to navigate the complexities of international relations and domestic challenges?

Is personal empathy worth sacrificing accuracy and respect for the fallen?

These are questions Americans deserve answers to, and soon.

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