Top Dem governor shockingly joins conservatives in a massive betrayal

Immigration is out of control in America. And even extreme Liberals are starting to understand Joe Biden is failing us.

And a top Dem governor shockingly joins conservatives in a massive betrayal.

Democrats claim to be all for open borders and unrestricted access to America, but whenever they feel the devastating effects of their own radical policies, they quickly change their minds.

When Trump was president, the Radical Left constantly called him racist, xenophobic, and Islamaphobic for wanting to keep our border secure.

Yet, now, with more and more Democrats speaking the same language, they are not labeling themselves the same way.

More and more sanctuary cities are buckling under the oppressive weight of Joe Biden’s open border policies, and many of these radical politicians are joining with conservatives to call for reform.

Not only is the immense pressure of millions of illegal aliens overwhelming, but crime rates have skyrocketed with the influx of dangerous criminals crossing the border.

Recently in Democrat-controlled NY, five illegal aliens were arrested for attacking a police officer.

The assault started when a police officer attempted to arrest one of the illegal immigrants, and the other kicked and punched the officer.

Shockingly, all of the attackers were immediately released without bail and police are searching for three more suspects.

The NY governor weighed in on the issue saying, “I think that’s actually something that should be looked at.”

Kathy Hochul then said, “I mean, if someone commits a crime against a police officer in the state of New York and they’re not here legally, it’s definitely worth checking into.”

This is a major shift from the typical Leftist ideas regarding illegal immigrants, but her words also seem to ring hollow because the arrested aliens were immediately released without bond…

Governor Hochul continued, “These are law enforcement officers who should never under any circumstances be subjected to physical assault.”

She seemed to call out whoever decided to release the attacks by saying, “It’s wrong on all accounts and I’m looking to judges and prosecutors to do the right thing.”

The attack was a shocking reminder of what Radical policies and ideologies do to this country.

One thing that complicates this issue is New York’s status as a “sanctuary city.”

This typically means that law enforcement will not comply with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

One defense attorney and former Manhattan prosecutor, Micahel Bachner, said “New York City does not provide sanctuary from prosecution from various violent felonies.”

He continued, “Assaulting an officer, that is the type of offense that I believe would 100% be subject to deportation. The immigration courts, they don’t look kindly on assaulting law enforcement officials”

One of the illegal aliens arrested and released had already had two other open cases for assault and robbery.

It seems that we should be able to catch these criminals and prevent them from further crimes.

If people enter our country illegally and commit violent crimes, it seems obvious that they should not be allowed to stay.

We must stand up and defend our nation.

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