Biden may have just committed his most heinous and anti-American act so far

Biden no longer hides his hatred for America, but even still people are shocked by his actions. But this most recent act is outrageous.

And Biden may have just committed his most heinous and anti-American act so far.

Despite the huge crisis the United States is facing at its southern border, President Joe Biden’s new budget would send hundreds of millions of dollars to support foreign nations like Egypt and Jordan in their efforts to secure their borders.

The recently approved budget, which gives the federal government permission to spend $1.2 trillion, would provide around $380 million for “enhanced border security” in Egypt, Lebanon, Oman, Tunisia, and Jordan—the latter of which will get about $150 million.

According to RJ Hauman of the National Immigration Center for Enforcement (NICE), “the Biden administration wants nothing more than the ability to ‘manage’ an invasion here at home, all while helping nations abroad build walls… Make it make sense.”

John Fabbricator, a former field officer for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, criticized the Biden administration’s duplicity in a similar manner.

He stated, “While our border falls apart, the Biden Administration will be giving 380 million dollars to other countries to secure their borders. That’s right, you are being conned.”

Although the new budget would support border security initiatives abroad, the Biden administration has left the United States with a border problem of unprecedented proportions.

Since President Joe Biden took office, authorities have documented around 9 million interactions across the country and 1.7 million estimated gotaways.

Compared to the 415,000 reported gotaways for 2018, 2019, and 2020 during the Trump administration, this number represents a significant increase.

The Biden administration has also flown up to 320,000 foreign nationals to at least 43 different American airports around the nation.

Sen. Bill Hagerty (R-TN) attempted to alter the bill to stop the administration from funding these flights with taxpayer money, but it was defeated 47 to 51, with all of the Democratic senators voting in favor of the flights’ continuation.

Voters now seem to be punishing Biden for how he has handled the border.

According to a recent Harvard CAPS Harris poll, registered voters had a pitiful 36% approval rating for the Democrat incumbent’s handling of immigration.

The incumbent has been lagging behind former President Donald Trump in every recent poll.

Biden’s handling of immigration has the lowest issue-specific approval rating of any topic, a trend that has continued for the past four months.

According to a survey conducted among registered voters, immigration is the most important issue facing the nation and the second most important issue that directly affects citizens, after inflation.

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