Democrats just danced on the graves of children with one despicable move

The Radical Left claims that they are accepting and loving of all people, but the truth is the exact opposite. As we have seen, the Left hates anyone who doesn’t believe exactly what they believe.

And now, Democrats just danced on the graves of children with one despicable move.

Shortly after the one-year anniversary of the horrific shooting at The Covenant School, where a transgender-identifying woman killed three adults and three children, ostensibly out of ideological rage, a Tennessee music venue is holding a “Trans Day of Vengeance” performance.

The event on March 31 at the Graveyard Gallery in Murfreesboro is being held in order to collect money for a group that performs gender reassignment surgery, according to a leaflet distributed by a few bands.

Less than an hour from the venue, on March 27, 2023, a shooting took place at a Christian school in Nashville.

Due to the possibility of violence on the anniversary of the massacre, Nashville schools are on high alert for the celebration.

The Trans Radical Activist Network (TRAN) declared that “the time is now, enough is enough” and that year’s shooting coincided with a rally by radical transgender activists for a “Trans Day of Vengeance.”

In 2021, March 31 was declared the “Transgender Day of Visibility” by President Joe Biden; nevertheless, trans activists renamed it “vengeance.”

Since officials won’t distribute her manifesto, it’s unclear whether the Day of Vengeance inspired the child killer to time her deed.

This year’s flyer for the event lists the bands as Dumpster P*ssy, Boy Clothes, Spinning Lodge, Oitakus, Dru The Drifter + The Back Alley Hookers, and states that “all proceeds will be donated to Point of Pride.”

The flyer for the event asks visitors to “bring new or used chest binders to donate to Point of Pride” and describes Boro Fondo as a “music, art, and bike fest.”

A banner on Boro Fondo’s Instagram page reads, “Point of Pride mails gender-affirming garments to trans and gender-diverse people who cannot afford or otherwise access them.”

“There is no cost for shipping. Funding for surgery, hormone replacement therapy, and permanent hair removal services is provided by Point of Pride.

Transgender activists seek “revenge” for what they perceive to be an act of “genocide” perpetrated against them.

However, figures from the Department of Justice indicate that there is no such genocide.

Transgender people were the victims of 271 hate crimes in 2021, the most of which were minor except two r*pes and two murders.

Thirty-seven were vandalism and seventy were “intimidation.” Black people made up half of the offenders.

According to FBI statistics, the likelihood of a black person falling victim to a hate crime in a given year is 98 in a million, while the risk for a Jewish person is 109 in a million.

Less than half of that is likely to be a transgender person, which is comparable to the rate for Muslims.

Americans must be wary of the agenda the Radical Left is pushing, and we must be cautious and aware of their violent plans.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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