Incriminating documents hit Biden’s desk and now he’s panicking

Joe has been running from the laws for years. Now it’s all catching up to him.

Because incriminating documents hit Biden’s desk and now he’s panicking.

When a US president takes the oath of office, they pledge to faithfully execute their office and defend the US Constitution.

With that comes enforcing the laws on the books, defending the nation from foreign and domestic threats, and not trying to sidestep Constitutional restraints.

For Joe Biden, this seems more like a suggestion than a pledge he took with his hand on the Bible.

It only takes a brief survey of his presidency to see his failures and deliberate betrayal of the American people.

But one of the most egregious has been his absolute refusal to solve the crisis at the southern border.

Thanks to him, millions of foreigners are pouring into this country in what even Democrats have called an invasion.

The toll of his malfeasance will likely not be fully understood for generations. But we’re starting to get a feel for just how bad everything has gotten.

According to a new assessment released Thursday, President Biden’s tsunami of new illegal immigrants is upending traditional immigration demographics and lowering education levels, raising serious concerns about the country’s ability to assimilate the newcomers.

According to the Center for Immigration Studies, there are currently 13.7 million illegal immigrants in the United States, as well as 51.4 million total immigrants, representing a 6.4 million rise in the three years since Mr. Biden assumed office.

This amounts to an average of 172,000 new immigrants each month, which is about four times the pace during the Trump administration and nearly three times the rate during the Obama administration.

The majority of new entrants are from Latin America, and 3.7 million of the net new arrivals entered illegally. Some 44% had no education beyond high school, and a large majority did not even finish high school.

“Education is the single best predictor of how you’re going to do in the United States. What kind of job you’re going to do. How much you’re going to make. What fraction are going to be in or near poverty. What fraction are going to qualify for welfare programs — particularly their children,” said Steven A. Camarota, the study’s lead author.

As late as 2018, 55% of immigrants held a bachelor’s degree. That figure has now dropped to only 41%. Meanwhile, Mr. Camarota reports that the percentage of high school dropouts has increased from 29% to 44%.

These developments call into question one of the primary arguments for high immigration rates.

“The improvement in the education level of recent immigrants was a very positive sign that at least a smaller fraction of new arrivals were likely to struggle in the United States. But that’s changed, at least for now,” he said.

The United States now has by far the highest proportion of immigrants in its population, at 15.5%, up over two percentage points since 2020.

The previous record was 14.8%, set in 1890.

The Census Bureau estimated last year that the United States would not reach 15.5% until nearly 2040, and Mr. Camarota said the fact that the country has already reached that level demonstrates how unprecedented the current immigration boom is.

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