Biden faces battle of his life that has left his allies in disbelief

Joe Biden is being propped up by the Radical Left and those around him. And many people don’t think he could survive another term if re-elected.

And now, Biden faces the battle of his life that has left his allies in disbelief.

The Radical Left has propped up Joe Biden for so long, but instead of trying to find a competent solution, they are happy with his ability to follow orders, so they are continuing to prop him up.

Biden is a puppet of the Left, but they know if they want to keep controlling him and the White House, they must first get him re-elected.

And as more and more time passes, and as more and more polls come out, it seems increasingly unlikely that Biden will keep his position as President.

According to a recent poll, voters view immigration as the single most important issue confronting the nation, and President Joe Biden’s approval rating has dropped as a result of his handling of the issue.

Immigration is not only the most important issue confronting the nation, according to a recent Harvard Harris poll conducted in partnership with the Center for American Political Studies, but Biden’s handling of the subject has the lowest approval rating when compared to other issues.

When asked which concerns are the most pressing for the nation, 36% of respondents cited immigration as the main concern, while 33% listed inflation and price hikes as the top issues. Drugs and crime ranked fourth at 18%, while the economy and jobs came in third at 23%.

When asked which concerns personally affected them the most, respondents ranked immigration as the most important issue, followed by inflation. Inflation, according to 38% of respondents, is the issue that matters most to them personally.

Immigration is ranked second, at 21%. Inflation has decreased by 3 points since last month, while immigration has increased by 4 points among respondents who were asked about the personal importance of these concerns. Despite this, inflation is still 17 points greater than immigration.

In addition, respondents were asked if they approved of the way that Biden handled certain topics; for the fourth consecutive month, the Democratic incumbent president’s handling of immigration received the lowest rating. Merely 36% of participants expressed their approval of Biden’s approach to immigration.

When it came to his response to the coronavirus, and his approach to boosting jobs less than half of the respondents approved of Biden’s handling of any other subject, including crime and violence, the Israeli-Hamas conflict, and the economy.

Just 45% of respondents indicated they liked of Joe Biden’s job as president overall, compared to 55% who said they approved of former President Donald Trump’s job as president.

If the election were to take place today, a majority of respondents—51%—said they would support Trump over Biden, while 49% chose to support the Democratic incumbent.

With officials reporting nearly 9 million nationwide interactions and 1.7 million projected gotaways since President Joe Biden assumed office, the United States is facing a historic crisis at its southern border, which coincides with Biden’s dismal polling scores regarding immigration.

The number stands in stark contrast to the 415,000 documented gotaways during the Trump administration in 2018, 2019, and 2020.

Over 2,100 registered voters participated in the online survey on March 20 and 21, and the findings were weighted by demographic group to reflect the distribution of the US population.

These recent findings further highlight the nation’s frustration with our current corrupt administration.

We must take to the polls in November and save this great nation.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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