Leftist scheme in one major city has even Democrats worried sick

The Radical Left cannot help but make the stupidest decisions when it comes to pushing their Radical agenda. But now they have crossed a line and people are furious.

Because this Leftist scheme in one major city has even Democrats worried sick.

The Left cannot hide their hatred for America, and they have started taking things out on American citizens.

And even while millions of Americans continue to suffer every day under Radical and Liberal policies, the Left keeps ignoring us.

They instead seemingly focus all of their time and resources on illegal immigrants even as we are in the midst of an immigration crisis like never before.

But now, the Left has done the unspeakable and they have made it clear that they are turning their backs on America and all Americans.

Because under a $53 million contract, New York City started providing prepaid debit cards to undocumented immigrants this week.

As part of the trial program, employees of Mobility Capital Finance distributed eight preloaded cards to undocumented immigrants at the Roosevelt Hotel on Monday, according to the New York Post.

A representative for City Hall stated that the initiative will grow to 115 cards by the following week.

The program was redesigned to be reloaded once a week instead of providing a month’s worth of funds for groceries and infant necessities at a time.

A representative from City Hall stated that a family consisting of two parents and children under five years old will receive approximately $350 every week.

Of the 64,500 illegal immigrants in the city’s custody, about 460 will be covered by the experimental program.

A spokeswoman for Adams, Kayla Mamalek, stated, “This cost-saving measure will replace the city’s current system of providing non-perishable food boxes to migrant families staying in hotels, much of which is often discarded.”

A $1.8 million net profit might be made by the tech start-up through a portion of the money loaded onto each Mastercard, according to an emergency contract that was signed.

In order to prevent delays in the program’s implementation, the Adams administration decided to forego the customary budding procedure and instead award an emergency contract.

However, it still took more than two months for the cards to actually be distributed.

And now, Americans can see plain as day the truth that the Radical Left used to try and hide: they hate America.

It is not guesswork anymore, and there is no more speculation. This is a fact. The Left is stealing millions away from hard-working Americans and giving it all to illegal immigrants.

This is not a class issue or a race issue or a political affiliation issue… no, this is an issue of the Left trying to destroy America by forsaking us, stealing our money, and giving it to those who came here illegally.

How much longer are we going to pretend like this doesn’t happen? How much longer until we hold our elected officials accountable?

We must act now to stop this madness and we must protect America.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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