Biden officials caught destroying evidence and the reason is disgusting

The Biden administration has been caught in so many lies that people shouldn’t be surprised at this one. But this act is worse than the rest.

And Biden officials have been caught destroying evidence and the reason is disgusting.

Special Counsel Robert Hur stated in a testimony before the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday that Mike Zwonitzer, the ghostwriter for Joe Biden, attempted to erase audio records of his interview with Biden.

Hur disclosed that Zwonitzer hurriedly erased the audio files from his computer upon learning that Hur had been chosen to lead the probe into Biden’s handling of classified documents.

Jim Jordan questioned Hur saying, “Joe Biden ‘risked serious damage to America’s national security’ when he shared information with his ghostwriter.”

“What did the ghostwriter do with the information Joe Biden shared with him on his laptop … after you were named special counsel.”

Hur replied, “If you are referring to the audio recordings that Mr. Zwonitzer created of his conversations with Biden, he slid, if I remember correctly, he slid those files into his recycle bin on his computer.”

When Jordan said, “Tried to destroy the evidence, didn’t he?” Hur replied, “Correct.”

Hur continued and told the Committee that the Biden administration themselves even tried to change the report.

Hur was asked whether or not the White House “tried to weigh in with your investigation on elements of that report and get the report changed.”

To which he replied that officials did “request certain edits and changes to the draft report.”

This terrifying reality has begun to set in and Americans across the entire nation are terrified.

The implications of this discovery are not ones that many people want to think about.

Our White House is deleting and editing data in order to keep the Radical Left in control.

We cannot sit by idly and let this happen.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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