New ICE report shows proof of Biden administration aiding illegal gang members

The immigration crisis in this country is a tragedy. And countless American lives have been put into danger.

But a new ICE report has shown proof of the Biden administration aiding and abetting illegal gang members.

According to the latest Immigration Customs and Enforcement data, just 834 Venezuelans were deported despite over 335,000 border encounters in the fiscal year 2023.

Venezuelan illegal immigrants are to blame for a wave of violent crimes across the nation, including some shockingly horrific events.

Despite this, President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela has stopped accepting deportation flights from the United States and Mexico, making it difficult for the Biden administration to send many of these illegal aliens back to their native country.

Increased economic sanctions caused Maduro to make his choice, upending an agreement that had been made in October.

Over 335,000 border interactions last year were reported but never resulted in deportations, including violent crimes committed by Venezuelan illegal immigrants, who have recently made national headlines.

Many experts claim that if they had been deported, these horrible atrocities would never have happened.

When Jose Ibarra was charged with killing 22-year-old Georgia nursing student Laken Riley, it became the most well-known instance of a Venezuelan national committing a violent crime in the United States.

Ibarra, together with his spouse and their 5-year-old son, entered the United States in September 2022 via El Paso, Texas.

According to Ibarra’s wife, they tied the knot in order to pool their asylum claims.

They traveled to New York City by bus. Ibarra was detained while in New York on suspicion of endangering children, but the case was dropped by a Manhattan judge.

Later, after divorcing his wife, Ibarra relocated to Georgia to live with his brother, an undocumented immigrant.

He is accused of killing Laken Riley while she was jogging close to campus some months later.

Jose and his brother were later found to be involved with the Venezuelan gang Tren de Aragua.

The Tren de Aragua gang is accused by the NYPD of committing numerous crimes and frightening locals in the Big Apple.

Due to the vicious attack on NYPD officers in Times Square that went viral in January, two members of the gang were taken into custody.

Members of Venezuelan gangs are flooding our country through the wide-open southern border, yet Joe Biden refuses to do anything about it.

How much longer will American citizens be viciously attacked and put into danger before our government will step up?

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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