Shocking development in Hunter Biden case has sent the whole Biden family spiraling

The Biden family might be the most corrupt political family in the US. And things seem to keep getting worse for them.

But now, a shocking development in the Hunter Biden case has sent the whole Biden family spiraling.

Hunter Biden is scheduled to stand trial for felony gun charges in less than three months, according to a federal judge’s decision on Wednesday.

The start of the proceedings is scheduled for the week of June 3 or 10.

In order to obtain a Colt Cobra 38SPL revolver, the president’s son was allegedly accused of falsifying data on FBI background check paperwork last year.

As his own memoir, Beautiful Things, makes clear, he was a drug user even if he denied it.

In a phone hearing, Delaware US District Court Judge Maryellen Noreika reportedly stated that the start dates are provisional and that other issues need to be resolved before a final decision is reached, according to Bloomberg.

She pointed out that there are still motions pending to dismiss the case.

The charges against Hunter included unauthorized weapons possession, lying to federal guns license sellers about information they kept, and lying while buying a firearm.

He could spend up to 25 years in prison if proven guilty.

He was ready to enter a guilty plea to tax charges in June of last year, anticipating that the gun charges would be dropped as part of a plea agreement.

However, that agreement collapsed the next month when Noreika learned that the prosecution and defense had seemingly agreed in the diversion agreement that Biden would also be immune from prosecution for any charges arising from his failure to register as a foreign agent while doing business abroad.

After the prosecution clarified that this was not their understanding, the plea agreement was revoked and Biden entered a not guilty plea.

Hunter Biden and his family have now realized that they cannot escape the law, and Hunter Biden will face serious consequences for his actions.

The Radical Left has done everything they can to weaponize the Justice system in this country, but we cannot allow them to take over.

Hunter Biden has committed actual crimes, and he must come face to face with the US law.
Joe Biden thinks that his family is immune from any punishment because he is protected by the Radical Left.

However, there are still many true American patriots in this great country who will not allow the corruption of the Biden family to go unpunished.

This development is a major win for America, and it is a clear sign to the Left that we will not be silenced so easily.

Even while they unlawfully prosecute Donald Trump for the most absurd reasons, we will lawfully cease the corruption of the Left… starting with the White House.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics for updates on this developing story and more.

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